Best Places to Work in IT 2010 Employer Profile

No. 2

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

McLean, Va. [South Atlantic]

Why you want to work there

Top 10 ranking: No. 1 for training, No. 8 for benefits This global consulting firm based in McLean, Va., encourages its IT staffers to get their hands on the latest technologies. The firm regularly hosts full-day "technology infusion" sessions in offices around the country where leading experts and IT staffers discuss emerging technologies, assess their market impact and develop plans for incorporating these technologies into the business. IT staffers have formed more than 50 "technology focus groups" through which they can network and learn about new technologies, methodologies and trends. A comprehensive knowledge management system gives IT employees access to more than 4,000 documents related to IT strategy, architecture and design, systems development, ERP and customer relationship management systems and other elements of the IT infrastructure. Career development is key: Through Booz Allen Hamilton's Career Mobility program, employees are encouraged to keep an eye on the firm's hiring needs and apply internally for positions. IT staffers take on new roles within the IT team and sometimes rotate between IT staff positions and client-facing roles. IT is special: To go beyond Booz Allen Hamilton's firmwide employee recognition programs, the IT unit in 2009 formed its own committee to expand and enhance recognition of IT staffers' contributions. Elements of the new program include a regular Employee Spotlight section in the quarterly team newsletter as well as three new awards for the IT team: the Team Collaboration Award, the IS Appreciation Award and the Spirit Award. The firm reimburses each employee for one membership in a professional society and provides each employee with up to $5,000 in academic assistance annually. Of that $5,000, employees can use $2,500 to obtain and/or maintain an industry-recognized technical or professional certification.

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Rank by company size:
Large, No. 2

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 22,945

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 295

IT employee turnover in 2009: 2%

IT promotions in 2009: 5%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2009: 7

Training budget per IT employee in 2009: $265

Women in IT

Total percentage of women within IT: 33%

Percentage of IT managers who are women: 29%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are women: 33%

Minorities in IT

Total percentage of minorities within IT: 44%

Percentage of IT managers who are minorities: 41%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are minorities: 44%