Best Places to Work in IT 2009 Employer Profile

No. 87

Avanade Inc.

Seattle, Wash. [Pacific]

Why you want to work there

This IT services provider knows the value of an educated workforce. The Seattle-based company encourages its technical team to earn professional certifications and expert designations, and picks up the tab for that training. Two in-house executive programs are also offered at no cost to employees. IT workers benefit from the company's close ties to Microsoft Corp. and its products, gaining access to Microsoft's development tools and its super-early-adopter programs. In Avanade's most recent employee satisfaction survey, 91% of IT employees said their work has a positive impact on the customer, and 89% said they are proud to work at Avanade. The company also offers a technical training and development curriculum, both in-house and through Microsoft. Work/life balance programs include yearly "extended benefits," through which many employees are allocated a dollar amount that can be spent on items or services such as gym memberships, electronic equipment or mountain bikes.

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Rank by company size:
Small, No. 14

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 1,662

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 60

IT employee turnover in 2008: 16%

IT promotions in 2008: 21%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2008: 15

Training budget per IT employee in 2008: $978

Women in IT

Total percentage of women within IT: 18%

Percentage of IT managers who are women: 18%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are women: 19%

Minorities in IT

Total percentage of minorities within IT: 20%

Percentage of IT managers who are minorities: 7%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are minorities: 31%