Best Places to Work in IT 2009 Employer Profile

No. 18

Michelin North America Inc.

Greenville, S.C. [South Atlantic]

Why you want to work there

Top 10 ranking: No. 7 for retention, No. 1 for career development This Greenville, S.C.-based tire maker in, known for brand names like Michelin, BF Goodrich and Uniroyal, offers a "Choose Well, Live Well" program that helps employees manage the rising costs of health care by focusing on wellness and prevention. Treatment for a number of chronic conditions like diabetes is fully paid by the company. Employees and their spouses can receive up to $800 extra each year deposited into personal health care spending accounts as long as they have routine physicals and commit to action plans that can improve their health. Other wellness efforts include reduced-cost memberships at local gyms, healthier food options in the company's cafeterias, company-paid programs on smoking control and nutrition, Weight Watchers at Work sessions and access to a personal health adviser for help dealing with insurance claims and getting advice on how to reduce the risk of getting sick. Other perks include flexible work hours and telecommuting, plus extensive training opportunities for IT employees. IT employees, in particular, have an opportunity to work on global projects that have a strategic impact on Michelin's business results.

Rank by company size:
Large, No. 13

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 17,840

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 214

IT employee turnover in 2008: 4%

IT promotions in 2008: 20%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2008: 11

Training budget per IT employee in 2008: $3,670

Women in IT

Total percentage of women within IT: 34%

Percentage of IT managers who are women: 32%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are women: 34%

Minorities in IT

Total percentage of minorities within IT: 12%

Percentage of IT managers who are minorities: 0%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are minorities: 14%