Best Places to Work in IT 2017 Employer Profile

No. 34, Large

Portland State University

Portland, Ore. [Pacific]
Portland State University
Credit: Chase Gilley

Why you want to work there

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at Portland State University in Oregon has a supportive, engaging and fun work environment. The tone is set with a welcoming onboarding process for new employees and grows stronger as people advance in their careers and take advantage of perks like regular opportunities to share ideas with leadership. The OIT Leadership Team, which uses management guru Daniel Pink's concept of AMP -- Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose -- as a guiding principle, provides workplace flexibility and supports ongoing career development and collaboration. Regular social outings foster a sense of camaraderie among OIT staffers.

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 6,204

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 164

IT employee turnover in 2016: 4%

IT promotions in 2016: 7%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2016: 5

Training budget per IT employee in 2016: $854

PTO and Healthcare

Days of paid time off after one year of service: 25

Days of paid time off after 10 years of service: 27

Percentage of employee health insurance premium paid by employer: 95%