Best Places to Work in IT 2017 Employer Profile

No. 7, Large

Booz Allen Hamilton

McLean, Va. [South Atlantic]
Booz Allen Hamilton
Credit: Brian Nguyen

Why you want to work there

A global consulting firm headquartered in McLean, Va., Booz Allen provides many outstanding benefits, including a culture in which 80% of the employees work flexible schedules and 75% telecommute regularly. IT employees work in a recently renovated space featuring an open space/lounge area and clusters of uniquely styled workspaces -- all designed to support a collegial, innovative and productive atmosphere. Tech pros work on their devices of choice, including higher-end PCs, Macs and tablets, and Booz Allen's "Dress for Your Day" policy gives people the flexibility to choose the attire that best suits the work they're going to do on a particular day.

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 22,349

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 432

IT employee turnover in 2016: 11%

IT promotions in 2016: 14%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2016: 5

Training budget per IT employee in 2016: $1,011

PTO and Healthcare

Days of paid time off after one year of service: 17

Days of paid time off after 10 years of service: 25

Percentage of employee health insurance premium paid by employer: 73%