Best Places to Work in IT 2015 Employer Profile

No. 11, Small


Edison, N.J. [Mid Atlantic]

Why you want to work there

Top 10 rankings: No. 3 for retention
Flexible scheduling, competitive benefits and myriad training opportunities for both personal and professional growth attract IT employees to Avaap, an Edison, N.J.-based software development and systems implementation firm specializing in Infor enterprise applications. To unite the members of its geographically dispersed workforce, the company holds annual gatherings for business reviews, celebrations and team-building exercises. And the IT team holds monthly Web meetings to share successes and tackle challenges.

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 84

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 79

IT employee turnover in 2014: 10%

IT promotions in 2014: 12%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2014: 7

Training budget per IT employee in 2014: $2,532