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Ken Gagne, a former editor for Computerworld, covers gaming, crowdfunding, and retrocomputing. You can see him on the YouTube channel Gamebits and hear him as host of the Polygamer and Transporter Lock podcasts. Learn more about him at

Apple-1 goes for $213K in Christie's auction

Christie's auction house in London today sold an Apple-1 computer for $213,600 to an Italian collector.

GeoCities lives -- sort of

Although Yahoo shuttered the GeoCities Web hosting service last year, many of the sites that used the service have been made newly available by groups that archived them.

Where's the tech in The Social Network?

With last week's release of The Social Network, Facebook has become, to the best of my knowledge, the first social networking site to be adapted to film. It's a well-deserved honor, as Facebook is an unparalleled technological feat...

Visual tour: The new

Coming soon to a Twitter account near you: Embedded pictures and video, threaded replies and drill-downs. Look out, Facebook?

Fixing iTunes 10's interface

Yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled iTunes 10 -- the only Macintosh product announced during an hour-long media event. You'd think we traditional Apple customers would be happy for anything Mac-related from a company whose focus is...

Face-off: 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet vs. 2010 Apple iPad

A convention for Apple II diehards provides an opportunity to compare and contrast a 30-year-old Apple tablet device with today's state-of-the-art iPad.

The Grill: Jason Scott

Digital historian Jason Scott's upcoming documentary, Get Lamp, set to debut this week, examines text adventure games through interviews with developers, designers and players. Even if you don't know Scott, you might know his cat:...

WordPress 3.0 adds better customization

The open-source content management system WordPress turned seven years old last month. In its lifetime, it has attracted a devout following: More than 28,000 people download WordPress every day, with over 11.4 million active...

No. 68 Best Place to Work in IT: Indiana University

Indiana University, ranked No. 68 on Computerworld's 2010 Best Places to Work in IT list, offers a range of professional development opportunities, including a job enrichment program.

No. 27 Best Place to Work in IT: Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, ranked No. 27 on Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT list, provides seed money for employees' bright ideas through the Innovation Technology Fund.

Hands-on: WordPress 3.0 adds better customization and multisite networks

The new version of WordPress includes useful new features for both single-site bloggers and organizational admins.

Image gallery: WordPress 3.0 adds better customization and multisite networks

The new version of WordPress includes useful new features for both single-site bloggers and organizational admins.

Security goes to the movies: Iron Man 2

The summer blockbuster season officially kicked off last Friday with Iron Man 2, an action-packed superhero flick that had the fifth-highest-grossing opening weekend in Hollywood's history. Whether you like the movie or not, at least...

The Apple iPad belongs in every kitchen

The Apple iPad, released this past Saturday, is already being hailed for its potential to revolutionize multiple industries. For professionals, the iPad has a niche in a lot of professions; and for consumers, it threatens to make...

Google's Slope View of the Winter Olympics

Google Buzz is only the latest example of Google refusing to rest on its laurels. In 2006, Google introduced an API for Google Maps, which let developers implement the mapping tool in original ways and contexts. Some resulting uses...

Cool stuff: Gifts for new Mac owners

Know somebody who has just bought their first Apple Mac? These gifts are both useful and fun.

Dennis Reiman, CTO, Florida State College

A profile of 2010 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader Dennis Reiman, CTO at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Yahoo GeoCities closes on Oct. 26

GeoCities, once the Internet's third most visited domain, will be shutting down on Oct. 26, taking with it thousands of user home pages and decades of data. All that information will be history.... Fortunately, some historians are...

Use Firefox's address bar for quick keyword searches

Smart keywords have been around since Firefox 1.0 and are a powerful but overlooked feature of the browser. They practically turn the address bar into a command line, allowing you to quickly access bookmarks and search favorite Web...

Gene Roddenberry's Mac to be auctioned

Every now and then, something will pop up in an auction that sets geeks drooling. Whether it's an undiscovered Macintosh prototype or a famous movie prop, the chance to own a piece of history can drive us to extremes. But the...

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