Yewon Kang

To push electric cars, Seoul rolls out portable chargers with RFID

Hyundai Motor to release semiautonomous car this year

But infrastructure and traffic codes lag technology

Samsung, LG make up in dispute over broken washing machines

The South Korean giants would rather focus on improving their products and services

S. Korea probes Uber employees for breaking transport laws

Up to 17 people, including the head of Uber's operation in the country, are under investigation

Uber suspends ride-sharing platform in Seoul

Uber has decided to comply with Korean law, rather than fight it

Samsung will freeze workers' pay in South Korea

Samsung will still issue bonuses and performance incentives as it negotiates a challenging business environment

Uber offers free rides to Koreans, hopes they won't report its illegal drivers to police

Local users express safety concerns

LG executive indicted over broken Samsung washing machine

LG releases closed-circuit television footage in his defense

South Korea rejects Uber's proposal to register its drivers

The government threatens to ban the ride-hailing service in the country

Samsung smartphone business sees profit slide, some hopes in DRAM

The operating profit of its mobile business dropped 64 percent in the fourth quarter

Uber in legal hot water again in South Korea

The country's telecom regulator said the ride-sharing company is breaking information protection rules

Nitrogen leak kills two at LG Display factory

The company is investigating the cause of the leak, which occurred during planned maintenance and repair of production-line equipment

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