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Ultimate guide to Windows 8 ultrabooks

While finding a touchscreen for a desktop computer is nearly impossible, and finding a touchscreen notebook computer takes some searching, touchscreen ultrabooks are readily available. These thin, light and relatively compact...

Tablet Wars: Microsoft Surface RT v. Apple iPad

The Microsoft Surface running Windows RT is just about everything you'd want in a tablet, but how does it stack up against the market leader, the Apple iPad?

Gigabit Wi-Fi? Not so fast.

The newest Wi-Fi technology -- 802.11ac -- promises blazing speeds of up to 1.3Gbps, according to claims made by the leading vendors.

Four Wi-Fi tools deliver mixed results

During our review of 802.11ac routers, some of the vendors sent along additional products that they thought we might be interested in. Here are short reviews of four WiFi tools that you might find useful in your network.

SecuSmart introduces single chip security for voice

SecuVOICE is aimed primarily at the mobile market, but also supports enterprise phone systems

Cyber threats a game changer for the FBI

The rising tide of cyber threats has caused the FBI to change how it operates, FBI Director Robert Mueller will tell RSA Conference attendees Thursday.

CrowdStrike CEO to reveal 'major mobile vulnerability' at RSA

George Kurtz, former McAfee CTO, now CrowdStrike CEO, says a significant vulnerability exists in Webkit browser that could result in total control of mobile devices.

Lieberman: Cybersecurity Act of 2012 will help protect critical infrastructure

At a hearing on the bill, witnesses and senators said fast action is necessary to protect critical infrastructure against certain attack. The bill's sponsor promised there's no hidden SOPA-PIPA language in the legislation.

Nortel executives knew of data breach, chose to do nothing

The data breach into Nortel's data systems was known to company executives, including the CEO, for over a decade, but the company refused to take steps to prevent data loss.

Linksys prevails in dual-band duel

Wireless routers are always something of a mystery. They combine a number of features into a single box and are usually complex to set up, but require little attention after that.

How we tested dual-band routers

We used two platforms. One test platform was the Fluke Networks AirCheck WiFi tester. The AirCheck contains a 2 x 2 antenna system, and thus can support only two spatial streams.

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