Todd R. Weiss

Todd R. Weiss


Todd R. Weiss is an award-winning technology journalist and freelance writer who worked as a staff reporter for Computerworld from 2000 to 2008. Weiss covers enterprise IT from cloud computing to Hadoop to virtualization, enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and BI, Linux and open source, and more. He spends his spare time working on a book about an unheralded member of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves and watching classic Humphrey Bogart movies.

Smacking SharePoint into shape

More than half of all SharePoint shops have had to add functionality to the core software, which came as a surprise to a number of them. Here's what they're doing.

Help desks change with the times

Research firm Gartner is predicting the demise of the help desk, but tech support veterans say reports of the death of the help desk are greatly exaggerated. Insider (registration required)

Help desk, rebooted: Social, mobile remake tech support

At least one analyst is predicting social, mobile and cloud technologies will spell the end of the corporate help desk. Not so fast, say corporate IT leaders.

Build a private social network that employees will actually use

More and more companies are creating private social networks that help their employees learn from each other and drive the business forward. Here are tips from four companies that are finding success with internal social networks.

Graceful exits from IT: Why CIOs decide to move on

Some highly successful IT professionals decide the CIO's life isn't for them, so they move on to seek fulfillment elsewhere, perhaps as consultants or entrepreneurs. Do such departures represent a natural progression in the careers of...

Mobile device management: Getting started

Get started by focusing on the device(s) and the data plan, security issues and general policies.

Life after IT: When CIOs leave at the top of their game

You work, you strive, you reach the top of your profession -- and then you leave? Sure, say these ex-CIOs. Read their take on life after IT. Insider (registration required)

Look Before You Leap Into Hadoop

Analysts and early users warn that companies should move slowly if they want to take advantage of the open-source Hadoop technology, noting that it requires extensive training along with analytics expertise not seen in many IT shops.

Cool cop tech: 5 new technologies helping police fight crime

Not without controversy, police departments are turning to an array of tech devices including gunshot detection systems and eye-in-the-sky drones to investigate and solve cases.

What's the big deal about Hadoop?

Hadoop is all the rage, but it requires expertise that's beyond the ken of many IT shops, customers say.

SaaS ERP is Making the Grade at Brown University

When powerful ERP applications are needed by growing businesses today, SaaS ERP is being looked at more and more as a viable option to traditional complex, expensive and labor-intensive packaged ERP suites. And while SaaS ERP is still...

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