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I'm a feature writer at Computerworld where I write about IT management topics, including staffing, budgeting, financial management, alignment and IT governance issues. Since joining Computerworld in 1992, I've served in a number of roles, including stints as an Online News Editor and as the print publications Business Editor. During my 20 years in IT journalism, I've written for a variety of outlets, including InformationWeek, Inform Magazine and

Union Pacific Railroad ditches its mainframe for SOA

At the heart of Union Pacific Corp.'s railroad operations is an IBM mainframe-based transportation control system that's been chugging along like a hardworking locomotive for nearly 40 years. According to industry experts, it was a...

Railroad Crossing: When Mainframe Meets SOA

Union Pacific moves from a legacy mainframe system to a more nimble SOA-based network that cuts staff training time and gives customers more shipment visibility

The best industries for IT compensation

The 1.6% pay increase reported by government IT professionals in Computerworld's 2009 Salary Survey might not seem like much, but it's better than what Bruce Walton and other California state IT workers have seen recently.Since July,...

Industries on the Upswing

Rising enrollments means more IT support professionals are needed in the education sector, helping to inch up pay there. Other industries are getting a boost from the impact of government stimulus funding.

BT's Web 2.0 security strategy

In 2006, just as the first tweet was being Twittered, BT Global Services launched an effort to keep its customers and 112,000 employees safe in a new world of Web-based communities and other interactive sites.BT's security initiative...

Forging a Web 2.0 Shield

BT Global Services, an early adopter of Web 2.0 security tools, uses a set of URL filtering and security technologies to protect customers and employees from the threats posed by Web-based communities and other interactive sites.

Ship Shaping

There are some stark differences between Eastern and Western cultures, including how people from each region greet one another and address their elders. So when FedEx began developing a service for the Asia-Pacific market...

David Leinweber

UC Berkeley professor David Leinweber, author of Nerds on Wall Street: Math, Machines and Wired Markets, discusses Wall Street's meltdown, and whether financial markets will ever become completely automated.

CIOs Take New Look at Sharing IT Infrastructure, Apps

The world's top hotel companies have collectively invested tens of millions of dollars to implement their own customized reservation systems--considered the heart of their operations. Each hotelier views the capabilities of these...

Career advice: Standing up in a down market

Times are tough for many IT professionals. As organizations continue to tighten spending and reduce headcount, many corporate IT workers are being forced to absorb additional work in return for flat or meager pay hikes that aren't...

Michelle Erickson

Citigroup green IT director Michelle Erickson talks about carbon footprints, a $50 billion commitment to addressing global climate change and her role as an environmental ambassador.

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