Tamlin Magee

Group Production Editor, UK

Tamlin is the group production editor for IDG UK. He has previously covered a wide range of beats at a variety of publications, from European channel markets, enterprise cloud and privacy, to architecture, design, film and music. He is particularly interested in the intersection between technology, the political sphere and the day-to-day.

NHS cyber unit welcomed with cautious optimism by privacy and security groups

NHS Digital has started a £20 million procurement process for an internal security operations unit that will receive emergency support from the winning third party

Hammond's Budget 2017 in tech: £500m investment package for 5G, full-fibre and AI

Nods to 5G and full-fibre echoed promises made in last year's budget, but chancellor Philip Hammond did announce a replacement for European Investment Fund lending "if necessary".

UK to overhaul data protection laws in line with GDPR

The British government has confirmed that it intends to mirror the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with a new Data Protection Bill

Rakuten picks Chef over Puppet for its healthy open source community

When Japanese retail giant Rakuten was thinking about bringing in devops tooling as part of a global operations initiative, it was the community support that swung it for Chef.

Chef sidles up to security for bringing automated compliance to devops

Open source devops business Chef arrived at security almost by accident - but now it’s winning compliance contracts based on GDPR alone as it begins to position itself as a vital automated security and compliance company.

GCHQ has concluded its first ever startup accelerator - here's how it went

A three-month cyber security accelerator wrapped up in Cheltenham last week, which saw GCHQ spooks mentoring startups with technical and commercial expertise

Philip Hammond's 2017 budget promises cash for 5G and STEM skills

The 2017 budget promised money for a new "5G hub" as well as funding for the skills gap in STEM subjects

Northern Trust turns to blockchain to speed up transactions and transparency

Northern Trust's Peter Cherecwich explains to ComputerworldUK how managing laborious manual processes like private equity could be upended with automation and the blockchain.

UK government pushes 5G, AI, connectivity in industrial strategy report

A paper from central government suggests navigating post-Brexit Britain with deregulation, tax cuts, plugging the STEM skills gap, and boosting productivity.

Met police chooses Microsoft Azure for storing body-worn camera data

Cloud from Microsoft allows for automatic uploading of video evidence and the ability to keep it forever and ever

Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement: what it means for technology in the UK

The UK will create a startup incubator, commit to 5G and build a 'national productivity investment fund' - but no one's quite sure what this means just yet.

HSBC picks AWS public cloud for agile app development

Although HSBC is using AWS only for development and testing, it's part of a considerable development towards the public cloud in the finance industry

NHS brings in HPE for pioneering IoT diabetes self-care project

An NHS England-funded consortium is trialing an internet of things platform so patients can better manage their lives, says the group's enterprise director Lars Sundstrom

Brexit means data headaches and business uncertainty, say IT pros and lawyers

The UK has voted to leave the European Union with 51.9 percent voting leave and 48.1 percent voting to remain. While it's unclear what the long-term consequences of this result will be there is much speculation around what impact...

University of York improves data security with VMware NSX software defined networking

This year, the University of York decided to move all of its primary workloads to VMWare NSX, the virtualisation platform for software-defined data centres.

What's in the UK's Budget 2016? A 5G strategy, a big data centre for the ONS and driverless cars

Chancellor George Osborne's Budget speech barely mentioned the vital role of the technology sector, but the document does commit to a 5G strategy, relaxing regulations for connected cars, a 'big-data hub' for the ONS and amendments to...

Here are the 10 IT consultancies that win the most work from the UK government

As Capgemini's enormous Aspire contract with HMRC winds down, here's a who's who of the top IT consultancies, ranked by how much the UK government spent with them in 2015

The UK NGOs fighting for digital rights, data and privacy

Committed activists are working to expose the industrial and state-led war of attrition on privacy rights and data. Techworld spoke to some of the groups that are combining their understanding of politics and policy with dogged...

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