Stacy Cowley

Stacy Cowley is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

Web 2.0: Cashing in

Startups -- and the money men who fund them -- are looking to cash in on Web 2.0. The concept is amorphous but the hype around it is huge, and entrepreneurs running new ventures are quick to explain how their technology amplifies or...

Web 2.0: AJAX underpins services

Google Inc. has backed and acquired key players in the Web 2.0 world. Its biggest Web 2.0 splash, though, comes from internally created services. Google's brain trust of coding and design talent has pushed Web development in so many...

App Support Upstarts Promise Lower Costs

Vendors of business applications get lucrative streams of revenue from maintenance contracts with customers. But a handful of third-party support firms are stepping up their efforts to lure away users with promises of up to 50%...

SAP launches long-awaited on-demand CRM

SAP AG made its long-awaited dive into the hosted, subscription CRM (customer relationship management) "on demand" market on Thursday, launching a new software service with a starting monthly price tag of US$75 per user. But SAP...

Vendors unite to promote AJAX tool development

A group of top industry vendors plans to announce on Wednesday a new community initiative aimed at popularizing AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language), the nickname given to a collection of software development... crashes again Inc.'s hosted CRM (customer relationship management) service had a widespread outage on Monday, the second time in recent weeks the on-demand software provider has suffered a serious crash.Anecdotal customer reports...

Microsoft merges enterprise IM and Exchange groups

Microsoft Corp. is merging its Exchange and Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) groups into a new unit called the Unified Communications Group, the company announced Monday. The change is aimed at aligning development work on Microsoft's... suffers another outage's hosted CRM service experienced a widespread outage yesterday, but a spokesman for the company downplayed the problem.

Google CEO on censoring: 'We did an evil scale'

It took Google Inc. more than a year to make the decision that offering a censored version of its search services in China would be a lesser evil than boycotting business in the country altogether, according to Google Inc. Chief...

Update: IBM frees DB2 Express

It's the last of the Big Three database makers to release a free version of lower-end software in bid to attract new customers.

Sidebar: Makeover Effort Continues at CA

Computer Associates reported mixed third-quarter results and announced another management reshuffling, illustrating that CEO John Swainson's attempt to give the company a makeover is still a work in progress.

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