Shantheri Mallaya

Executive Editor

Cisco and Google Wi-Fi partnership: Key questions they haven’t answered

Cisco and Google Wi-Fi partnership: Key questions they haven’t answered

Cisco and Google’s ambitious announcement for free WiFi zones in India has open and loose ends to be fixed, and fixed fast.

From the Editor: Women CIOs, we need more of them

Having more women in top technology positions will destroy the hypothesis of women not being able to advance in technology.

Budget 2017 spells dream run for start-ups

The Union Budget 2017 gives ample scope for businesses to start, expand and look at their profits equitably.

NSAIL Utilizes In-House Resources to Create an Efficient Planning Module

Pankaj Verma, VP-IT, NSAIL created a planning module in-house - instead of going for an off-the-shelf product - and saved close to Rs 1 crore for the company.

Wes Wasson: As Citrix, We Would Worry The Day People Stop Talking About Us

Wes Wasson, SVP of Strategy at Citrix, talks about the virtualization major's latest advancements towards building a solid enterprise mobility portfolio, its plans for the Indian market, and its steps to ensure being relevant in a...

Private Cloud in 2013: Leading the Charge

Private cloud remains the go-to choice for most organizations. Even with the advent of the hybrid model, nothing much is expected to change.

Brocade to grow Partner Community on a Solution-centric Basis

K. P. Unnikrishnan, APAC marketing director, Brocade, talks about the importance of SDN in the company's strategy and how they're emphasizing on training and certification for better service delivery.

SMB is the Next Focus Area and Leverage for Growth: HP Vice President

Rajiv Srivastava, VP and GM at HP India, spoke to us about the company's position in the market, increasing focus on delivering cloud services, and roadmap for the SMB segment.

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