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The how-to guide to Windows 8

Windows 8 features, challenges and competition.

Windows 8, Surface tablets to lead Microsoft's fight for relevance in 2013

Microsoft made big bets on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Surface tablets in 2012, and now it needs to make those bets to pay off. As more consumers and businesses go mobile, 2013 will be Microsoft's most challenging year yet.

Mobile app developers speak: 'stick to one platform'

Shall it be iOS, Android or Windows 8? It's a tough choice these days for developers. Here are some words of advice from two in-demand developers. Key tip: Don't be a platform jumper.

Can Windows 8 give developers what iOS and Android lack?

Microsoft's future hinges on attracting developers to build Windows 8 apps. But by offering financial incentives, supporting a range of programming languages and allowing developers to write code once for multiple devices, those...

Windows 8 tablets in the enterprise: The pros and cons

In the two and a half years since the release of the first-generation iPad, tablets of various shapes and sizes have sparked a revolution among consumers, who are now no longer afraid to take their touch-enabled tablets to work.

5 reasons to focus on Windows 7, not Windows 8

With its new Start screen made of live tiles and its bold redesign, Windows 8 will have a challenging time getting consumers to embrace such radical change.

Windows 8 beats out iOS and Android at Seton Hall

The release of Windows 8 may still be months away, but Seton Hall University isn't waiting for general availability of the new operating system in October. It's already using it on tablets and ultrabooks.

5 mistakes to avoid when deploying an enterprise app store

As personal mobile devices flood the corporate workplace, you'd think every company would have its own app store, right?

Microsoft Q&A: with Windows 8, the choice is yours

Day two at Microsoft TechEd 2012 was all about Windows 8. caught up with Windows corporate VP Antoine Leblond, who discussed why CIOs should test Windows 8, why developers should love it, and why we'll all be touching our...

Windows To Go: The do's and don'ts

At Microsoft TechEd 2012 this week in Orlando, Fla., the term "Windows to Go" was thrown around more than "cloud."

Windows 8 Release Preview: Enterprise features worth evaluating

The Windows 8 Release Preview, available as of May 31, is one of the last steps before the new OS launches "for the holidays", to quote a company blog post by Windows president Steven Sinofsky.

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