Sean McGrath

Ruby, DSLs and the free lunch that was not so free

The world of IT is embarking, I suspect, on a another period of language creation hype. This time, the hype epicenter is Ruby and the facilities it provides to create custom languages.

Future techtorials

I'm soliciting feedback/suggestions on the techtorials I have been doing with ITworld.I know that the handwriting quality is a problem for some people. It's tough writing with a pen interface and my handwriting is bad to start...

Career damaging self description

"I am a X programmer" (for arbitrary values of X), is not a good way to describe yourself in my opinion. This techtorial talks about why.

Is it secure?

A techtorial on the awkward-to-answer question "Is it Secure"?

Loose coupling?

Another techtorial. This time on loose coupling.Useful? Not? Let me know.

Techtorials - An experiment with an electronic sheet of foolscap

I have not been idle since the last post on this blog a few weeks ago. I have been working with ITworld on a little experiment. I spend a lot of time sitting at tables with a pad, a cup of coffee and a colleague/customer asking me...

Bootstrapping tomorrow, today

As a species, we generate some unconscionable amount of new digital data every day. The number is so big that no member of our species, that I know of, really has a good feel for the number. To try to wrap our heads around it we...

Debuggers Delight Syndrome

From time to time, my long suffering wife asks me what the heck I do all day and where all the techie problems that furrow my brow to a depth of 0.5 inches come from? It is a really good question and recently I have been expending...

Multi-tasking the project plan

I had one of those weird moments recently where I made an analogy between two things that I have never before analogized. Namely, multi-tasking operating systems and project planning. I will get back to that in a moment but first, I...

What version are you running?

There are many aspects of the IT business that have been turned upside down the internet. One concept which is effectively being meaningless is the concept of a "version" in the sense of an application software package version...

Master Foo chews on a fork

The cold winds of recessionary pressures were blowing around Pentementi Mountain as the two technologists made their way to Master Foo's cave near the summit. The WIFI signals had long disappeared from their netbook gadgets but text...

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