Robert L. Scheier

Robert L. Scheier is a veteran IT journalist based in Swampscott, Mass. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packad's marketing website TechBeacon.

New storage technologies to deal with the data deluge

Enterprise storage demands are reaching a critical point, and vendors are scrambling to develop new products to deal with the data deluge. We look at how these technologies will help manage the major pain points for storage...

Getting the most from IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-service lets users take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without locking down to a particular cloud provider. But becoming 'cloud-agnostic' requires new tools and mindsets. Insider (registration required)

Creating cohesive storage management

Vendors of storage management tools are moving toward a 'single pane of glass' product that can automatically provision, resize, back up and recover storage across multiple public and private clouds, across systems from different...

Open-source cloud frameworks: A work in progress

Here's a look at the growing list of open-source platform-as-a-service providers and how IT managers can decide where the technology fits best in their organizations.

How to wrangle your virtual machines

While vendors continue to work toward a single console, or "single pane of glass" tools, customers must choose from products that manage only parts of their environments or focus on specific problems such as the sprawl of unused...

Disaster Recovery on Double Duty

More and more IT shops are using technologies such as virtualization and replication to make disaster recovery just another service, sometimes using the same servers, network and storage that run order entry, email, application...

Mobile apps: The IT pro's new power tools

Heavy-duty mobile IT apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices have many IT departments on the move

The Agile Infrastructure

To keep pace with a fast-changing business environment, these companies are ditching inflexible legacy systems in favor of software as a service and cloud computing. Are they getting the speed, flexibility and cost savings they...

Why social tech's real value is inside the business

Although companies have been urged to adopt "Web 2.0" and social technologies for years now, the truth is that relatively few have done so internally in any serious way -- and use inside the business is where the most value can be...

The cloud security checklist

To choose the cloud service provider that best matches your company's risk tolerance, you should first develop a checklist of security mandates and required features. Experts explain how. Insider (registration required)

Cutting Your Storage Footprint

Storage may be cheap, but managing it isn't. Here's a closer look at five techniques that companies are using to reduce the volume of their stored data.

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