Rob Griffiths

Senior Contributor

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

The paranoid person's guide to a complete Mac backup

Parallels 9 and Fusion 6 run neck and neck in virtualization contest

Both are highly capable virtualization programs that share many similar or identical features.

Parallels Desktop 8 vs. VMware Fusion 5

When Apple switched to Intel processors, Windows switchers as well as Mac users who needed to run the occasional Windows app rejoiced.

The best way to run Windows on your Mac

Despite the Mac's recent gains in market share, Windows is still the dominant operating system, especially in businesses. That means there may be times when you need to run the Microsoft OS: perhaps there’s an application your company...

Parallels Desktop 7 makes Windows-on-Mac fast, stable

Parallels Desktop 7 is the latest release of Parallels' virtualization program, which allows users to run Windows, Linux, and now even OS X Lion directly within Mac OS X. Since Macworld last reviewed Parallels Desktop 5, the program...

VMWare Fusion 4

Fusion 4 is the newest version of VMware's virtualization solution for the Mac, which allows you to run multiple operating systems within Mac OS X. Since we reviewed Fusion 3, VMWare has added support for Lion and the ability to...

Numbers for iPad and iPhone

When I reviewed the initial release of Numbers for iPad in April 2010, I noted that it worked well for creating original spreadsheets, and for working on Numbers-native spreadsheets from your Mac, but that it fell short due to its...

Apple announcement: Rumor vs. likely reality

A look at what Apple is likely to announce today -- and what they ought to be updating in OS X.

First Look: Firefox 4 beta

With Firefox 4 emerging as a public beta this week, it's time to take a closer look at the next version of Mozilla's Web browser. I spent some time with this pre-release version to see how it compares to its predecessor.

Developer: Why WWDC 2010 just doesn't add up for me

It's probably not the best use of our funds.

Magic Launch

One of my major annoyances with Snow Leopard is the lack of support for creator codes--no longer can you assume that double-clicking a file in the Finder will open that file in the application that created it.

First Look: Quicken Essentials for Mac

After all the exceedingly positive...oh wait, it was incredibly negative...response to my podcast discussion with Aaron Patzer, head of Intuit's Quicken team, you think I'd run away from anything having to do with Quicken Essentials....

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