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The hidden cause of slow internet and how to fix it

The hidden cause of slow internet and how to fix it

In 2010, Jim Gettys, a veteran computer programmer who currently works at Google, was at home uploading a large file to his work server. His kids came into his study and said, “Daddy, the internet is slow today.” Wondering how his...

5 tricks to improve poor TCP performance

5 tricks to improve poor TCP performance

If your system back-up is to a remote site that is a considerable distance away, you might be using only a small percentage of the bandwidth that you’re paying for.

5 tools om videostreams op het netwerk te monitoren

Weet jij wat er allemaal voor videodata over het netwerk wordt gepompt? 5 tools om specifiek videoverkeer te monitoren.

Is your network blind to video traffic?

Ever since 2010, when Cisco predicted huge amounts of video traffic on worldwide networks, IT managers have been cautiously watching for it to occur. Cisco's most current prediction is that 73% of all Internet traffic will be video by...

What is WebRTC?

Enterprise trade shows have recently been full of chatter about WebRTC (Real-Time Communication). Descriptions like game changer and disruptive technology have been used. But, what is WebRTC and does it really matter?

Six things you need to know about WebRTC

WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) a series of designs and guidelines promoted by Google and others through the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and MPEG groups to provide a common stack for audio and video communications directly...

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