Paul F. Roberts

Paul Roberts is an experienced technology reporter and editor who writes about hacking, cyber threats and information technology security. When he's not writing for InfoWorld, Paul edits The Security Ledger, a blog focused on securing the Internet of things.

IoT is the password killer we've been waiting for

Add GitHub dorking to list of security worries

The Uber-GitHub dispute highlights a common open source risk, but Uber is hardly alone in accidentally uploading sensitive data to GitHub, the world's most popular code hosting site. Security experts say that GitHub's repositories...

How an acute shortage of cyber talent gave rise to 'spooks as a service'

How an acute shortage of cyber talent gave rise to 'spooks as a service'

As the list of victims of sophisticated cyber attacks expands, so does the need for high-priced talent to help investigate and recover from those attacks. The latest solution: Hosted services offering access to cyber intelligence and...

Sites' personal questions may pose security risk

Is it safe to divulge your first pet's name, mother's maiden name or other information in 'knowledge-based authentication' methods?

Microsoft, Novell defend partnership, promise details

Microsoft and Novell officials this week defended their controversial business agreement to collaborate and promote integration between Windows and SUSE Linux. But many of those at The Open Source Business Conference remained...

OASIS advances SOA standards

Pushing simplification in cross-vendor components

Cisco going open source with NAC client

Move will let the company to free up development resources for other areas of its network admission control client.

Hackers target hole in BrightStor backup software

Symantec issued an alert after exploit code was posted to the SecurityFocus Web site. The alert raised the urgency and severity of an earlier warning about the security holes in ARCServe Backup Versions 9.01 through 11.5 SP1, as well...

EarthLink CEO Garry Betty dead at 49

Garry Betty, the CEO of EarthLink since 1996, died Tuesday. Interim CEO Mike Lunsford, who took over the position in November, will remain in place.

Oracle launches identity governance project

Hoping to develop a framework that can one day be turned over to a standards-setting body, Oracle is tackling the problem of how identity data can be safely shared across heterogenous applications.

Vista's DRM could bedevil antivirus packages

Microsoft's push for digital rights management in Vista could spell disaster for antivirus programs, as malware writers use the "protected processes" feature to avoid removal.

Trend Micro launches anti-botnet service

Trend Micro's new InterCloud service relies, in part, on a hardened and revamped DNS server that allows it to aggregate suspicious data and report on host systems that may be infected with bots.

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