Zoho unveils Trident unified communications platform for the enterprise

Zoho is rolling out a new, integrated communications and productivity suite for the enterprise, aiming to centralize common app functions such as messaging, phone and video calls, and task management.

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Do Google and Mozilla know something about Apple we don't?

Reports that both developers are building iOS browsers that don't use WebKit may hint at Apple's plans to open up a little — but this could cut both ways.

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Google Maps gets more immersive live views, even from above

Google unveiled a slew of upgrades involving search and Google Maps, including a new live view feature that lets users point a mobile device's camera for detailed location information and directions in real time.


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Windows 12 and AI: a coming boon or boondoggle?

Microsoft is making a heavy push into AI and promising it will radically change how Windows works. But is that more hype and hope than reality?

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Microsoft Bing is about to get chatty with OpenAI

Microsoft, in partnership with OpenAI, launched an upgraded AI-powered Edge browser and Bing search engine that users can chat with and receive essay-like answers similar to what ChatGPT produc

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Zoom lays off 15% of its workforce after growth spurt during pandemic

The layoffs come on the back of uncertain macroeconomic conditions after the cloud-based videoconferencing service provider tripled its staff during the pandemic.

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Qualys now supports macOS in its cloud security tools

“In the past few years, many of our customers have seen a sharp increase in the number of Mac devices introduced to their environment,” the company says.

Email migration to Microsoft Outlook app on mobile email for smartphone user.

Microsoft Outlook and Teams suffer another global outage

The disruption in the email service is the company’s second outage in less than two weeks.

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A game-changing Gboard Android discovery

Google's Gboard Android keyboard has some extra efficiency-enhancing intelligence tucked away beneath its surface. Ready to be surprised?

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4 ways DEI tools can drive change across the workplace

If your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have stalled, turning to specialty DEI tools may help.


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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

While tech hiring dropped into the negative for the first time in 27 months, the unemployment rate in the marketplace also decreased and salaries jumped significantly due to a continued dearth of qualified talent.

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6 less-well-known Mac productivity tips

Anyone who makes intensive use of their Mac probably uses Command-space to get things done. Here are six more tips that can help you be more productive.

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Dell Technologies to lay off 6,650 staffers

In addition to the downsizing, the company would introduce a slew of changes that include changing the structure of its sales team and integrating the services division of its consumer and infrastructure businesses.

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Q&A: Fintech expert: digital wallets need this tech 'magic' or they'll fail

Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and four other financial services firms plan to launch a new digital wallet in 2023. But a long-time fintech expert said there's little chance of success if they don't embrace the...

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Apple’s $117.2 billion Q1 misses earnings expectations

Apple is not, after all, immune to market pressures. The company on Thursday said revenues were down 5% year on year in the final three months of 2022, though supply chain problems seem resolved and the installed base has hit two...