Nicholas Petreley

Nicholas Petreley is a former programmer and consultant, has worked for InfoWorld, Computerworld, LinuxWorld, Network Computing World and several webzines. He serves as contributing editor for CIO, focusing on SOA as a primary area of coverage.

You Can Hide So SOA Won't Run – As stated in my previous blog entry, one of the best ways to secure SOA services is to hide them behind a port knocking firewall. Port knocking makes your system appear as if it offers no services at all. Any cracker who...

SOA security more than authentication – Many years ago, I admired my sister's deadbolt. I made a silly comment as to how it looked like it would be impossible to break into the New York City apartment. My brother-in-law corrected me. "It's not impossible. It...

Living Down to a Low Standard

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley says the latest version of the GNOME graphical desktop environment lives down to a low standard.

Playing IT Jeopardy

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley suggests that sometimes IT is just a game -- make that a game show.

Why Free Beer Trumps Free Speech

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley explores various meanings of "free" and their ethical implications.

Sun Refuses to Be Eclipsed

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley says that Sun's anxious response to the Eclipse Foundation's new independence can be traced to competing user interface tools.

Gazing Into the Cyber-Crystal Ball

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley predicts 2004 will bring a networked computer revolution and the decline of Internet Explorer.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley recounts an unsettling holiday dream -- with apologies to Clement Moore.

NetWare Reloaded

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley finds parallels between Novell's exploits and a certain popular movie sequel.

Sun Microsystems On the Couch

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley imagines what would happen if Sun sought professional help for its identity confusion.

Microsoft on Trial

Opinion: Nicholas Petreley says he knows what would happen if a prosecutor had the chance to cross-examine Microsoft about Blaster-B.

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