Mike Simons

Associate Editor

Mike Simons is the Associate Editor of Computerworld UK and Techworld. He joined IDG in 2006 after almost a decade at Computer Weekly. An award winning IT and business journalist, Mike has a particularly focused on major IT projects and public sector IT. His fascination with the business and social impact of technology began at university, where he obtained an MSc at the Science Policy Research Unit of Sussex University.

NHS IT: Another project over budget, late and with a functionality shortfall

Creative IT and government smokescreens

Something very strange is going on. We all know that IT lies at the heart of most of the most creative social and business changes around today, but why has the government labelled IT a creative industry? Why, suddenly do large parts...

Another government, another NHS IT programme?

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants the NHS to be “paperless” by 2018. He was due to say so today in a widely trailed speech that, if Hunt is still in politics by the allotted date, is likely to come back to haunt him. The thinking...

Steve Jobs, Mike Lynch and the future of UK IT

Mike Lynch might not be Steve Jobs, but he has done all right for himself and for the UK IT industry.The barrage of articles on Steve Jobs' genius at Apple and the speculation on the future of his company has drowned out concern about...

HP - Autonomy deal: Facing up to the risks

Dramatic changes at HP, including spinning off its PC division and the acquisition of Autonomy, the UK’s largest software company, pose potential risks for corporate IT organisations, according to analysts.

Autonomy to remain UK-based after HP takeover

Autonomy will maintain its UK roots following its shock £6.7 billion acquisition by HP.

Government announces fundamental police IT overhaul

The government is creating a new police-owned national IT company to commission and deliver services.

Computing pioneer Alan Turing papers saved

A collection of computer scientist Alan Turing’s papers has been saved from export.

Spending Review 2010: What it means for IT

The government’s Spending Review will have a profound impact on IT and IT professionals. Information technology has been hailed as the key to maintaining service standards while driving down costs, while public sector IT has been...

Government pulls plug on heart of NHS IT national programme

The government has announced a fundamental change of direction for IT in the health service.

London Stock Exchange going Linux as MillenniumIT deal completes

The London Stock Exchange has completed its acquisition of MillenniumIT, in a deal which will provide it with a new trading platform to replace its Microsoft-based TradElect technology.

The bank laid low by IT

Don’t let anyone ever again say IT does not matter. When the Bradford & Bingley bank shocked the City yesterday by pulling its rights issue, the Financial Times stated bluntly that “hopelessly antiquated information...

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