Michael Friedenberg

President and CEO

Michael Friedenberg is CEO and president of IDG Communications, an IDG company that develops strategic media properties and peer advisory services. Appointed in March 2009, Friedenberg oversees IDGs award-winning brands, websites, products and services for CIO, CIO Executive Council, CFOworld, Computerworld, CSO, DEMO, Industry Standard, InfoWorld, ITWorld, and Network World. With 20 years in the information technology (IT) media industry, Friedenberg is widely regarded as a dynamic leader and expert who keenly understands the media and technology industrys evolving needs. In 2010, Friedenberg was inducted into the min Sales Hall of Fame and has been named to BtoB magazines Whos Who in business media for eight consecutive years. Previously, Friedenberg advanced from United Business Media sales management positions to vice president and publisher of InformationWeek, and later vice president and group publisher of the InformationWeek Media Network and co-founder of Optimize magazine. As VP/group publisher, Friedenberg set the vision, strategy, and positioning of multiple brands across print, online, events, and research services. Friedenbergs career also includes work with Cardinal Business Media and vertical publications at HP Professional, Midrange Systems, and DEC Professional. Outside the walls of IDG, Friedenberg is a source for other media outlets on issues of media, marketing, and technology. He is widely regarded as an expert and regularly quoted about the technology and media industry by publications including The New York Times, BtoB magazine, The Write News, Folio magazine, and min. He is also a frequent guest speaker at many industry conferences as well as user events for companies such as the Federal Reserve Board, DigiDay, IBM, HP, Oracle, CA, Microsoft, Avaya, Infosys and Fujitsu. Friedenberg graduated with a B.S. in business administration from the University of Delaware.

CIO vs. CFO: Surveys debate who's in charge of IT

Hang on a minute. Last I checked, most CIOs had authority over the IT spending in their organizations, and a majority of you (68 percent) were members of the C-suite’s executive committee. That’s data drawn from a survey of 729 IT...

Know Who Your Customer Is

To grow their businesses, companies need a deeper focus, not a broader reach

Advice for industry-switching CIOs

Every time another survey about CIO tenure shows up, we're reminded yet again that a long corporate life at one company is rarely in the cards for IT leaders. Today's CIO lasts an average of 4.1 years on the job, according to...

The Hype Was Right on Cloud Computing

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, shares data from our recent survey on cloud computing that shows actual adoption is well under way.

Why 2011 Is the Year of the Tablet

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, says all signs indicate it will be all about tablets this year and CIOs should do what they can to stay ahead of the game.

Three Great Reads for CIOs

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, offers his latest book recommendations for CIOs.

Paying top dollar for tech talent pays off

In the early 1990s, before the browser and search wars, Bill Gates was asked to identify Microsoft's biggest competitor. His answer was a surprise: "Goldman Sachs."This was a company that loomed large in the financial markets, but...

Top Ten Business Predictions for 2011

Michael Friedenberg, president and CEO of IDG Enterprise, offers up what he thinks will be the top ten trends in the IT community in 2011.

It's All About the Top Line

As the economy recovers, CIOs have to help drive revenue growth, not just maintain profits through cutbacks and increased efficiency.

Catching the mBusiness Wave

Mobile-based business trends are undeniable. IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg wonders what businesses need to do to evolve and cash in.

IT's 'New Normal'

Consolidation, expense reduction and risk mitigation have been the defining elements of most CIO conversations over the last 12 to 18 months. The intensity of that focus really paid off, as so many of your companies did a remarkable...

Network Battle

Focusing increased investments on your enterprise network infrastructure.

The Cost of Data Management

One of my all-time favorite movies is All the President's Men. The best line in the movie is when Deep Throat (played by the great character actor Hal Holbrook) meets with Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and hears him explain how his...

Best Practices Revealed at the CIO 100 Symposium

Imagine walking down a street in an unknown city and with every 10 steps, someone asks you a question in a different language. Being the kind of person you are, you take the time to listen, translate the bits you can understand and...

Summertime Survival Reading

Summer is here, business is still a nutty roller coaster ride and CIOs have never found their roles more challenging. So it's all the more important now to unplug a bit and recharge your batteries. Once you find yourself on the beach...

New Technology in a Down Economy

While the economy continues to beat down on us like a 10,000-pound hammer, I am still a "glass half full" kind of guy, truly amazed by the technology innovations being announced on a daily basis. What further propels my optimism is...

Obama and IT

Much has been made of President Obama's use of a BlackBerry and how it symbolizes his understanding of the transformational power of information technology. Yet beyond his addiction to mobile e-mail, this president has done a few...

Satyam's Meltdown

Pretty alarming news not long ago about the meltdown at Satyam. In case you missed it, Satyam has become the Enron of India. Former Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju had been reporting for years more than $1B in phony revenue, and when that...

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