Michael Friedenberg

President and CEO

Michael Friedenberg is CEO and president of IDG Communications, an IDG company that develops strategic media properties and peer advisory services. Appointed in March 2009, Friedenberg oversees IDGs award-winning brands, websites, products and services for CIO, CIO Executive Council, CFOworld, Computerworld, CSO, DEMO, Industry Standard, InfoWorld, ITWorld, and Network World. With 20 years in the information technology (IT) media industry, Friedenberg is widely regarded as a dynamic leader and expert who keenly understands the media and technology industrys evolving needs. In 2010, Friedenberg was inducted into the min Sales Hall of Fame and has been named to BtoB magazines Whos Who in business media for eight consecutive years. Previously, Friedenberg advanced from United Business Media sales management positions to vice president and publisher of InformationWeek, and later vice president and group publisher of the InformationWeek Media Network and co-founder of Optimize magazine. As VP/group publisher, Friedenberg set the vision, strategy, and positioning of multiple brands across print, online, events, and research services. Friedenbergs career also includes work with Cardinal Business Media and vertical publications at HP Professional, Midrange Systems, and DEC Professional. Outside the walls of IDG, Friedenberg is a source for other media outlets on issues of media, marketing, and technology. He is widely regarded as an expert and regularly quoted about the technology and media industry by publications including The New York Times, BtoB magazine, The Write News, Folio magazine, and min. He is also a frequent guest speaker at many industry conferences as well as user events for companies such as the Federal Reserve Board, DigiDay, IBM, HP, Oracle, CA, Microsoft, Avaya, Infosys and Fujitsu. Friedenberg graduated with a B.S. in business administration from the University of Delaware.

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