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Michael Cooney is a Senior Editor with Network World who has written about the IT world for more than 25 years. He can be reached at michael_cooney@idg.com.

IBM unbolts vast threat database to fight cybercrimes

IBM offers third-party threat data and real-time indicators of live attacks, which could combat cybercrimes.

IBM: Mobile app security stinks

An IBM/Ponemon study released today found large companies, including many in the Fortune 500 aren’t properly securing mobile apps they build for customers nor their corporate and BYOD mobile devices.

Federal IT projects need critical care

Watchdogs at GAO put government IT project on High Risk List.

Feds to private businesses: Cough up your cyber intelligence

Feds to private businesses: Cough up your cyber intelligence

Corporations will be asked to contribute cyber intelligence to a new federal agency tasked with analyzing threat data culled from as many public and private sources as possible in order to more quickly spot attacks and attribute them...

IRS imposter complaints up more than 2,300% in 2014, says FTC

FTC says taxpayer ID theft scams also at all-time high.

FBI and IRS warn of pervasive, maddening business, consumer scams

FBI says man-in-the-middle e-mail scam cost victims $214M; IRS says phone scam has 3,000 victims who’ve paid over $14M.

IBM: Retail attacks down, but when they hit cyber-attackers get more

In 2014 unauthorized access via Secure Shell Brute Force was most trendy attack; Shellshock as well as POS malware such as BlackPOS, Dexter, vSkimmer, Alina and Citadel were also prevalent.

FBI: The top 3 ways Congress could help fight tenacious cyber threats

FBI cyber exec, details to GameOver Zeus malware, data breaches, botnets and attacks on eBay, Sony, J.P. Morgan Chase.

IBM: CISO’s outgunned in the cybercrime corral

IBM’s third annual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) study of 138 security executives found that 60% said their organizations are outgunned in the cyber war and that sophisticated external threats were identified by 40% of...

FTC gets federal court to shut down $120M tech support scam

FTC says scammers use bogus software and the deceptive telemarketing operations to roll over victims.

FBI: Crooks have stolen $20 million with false Internet ads

FBI/IC3 says cars, boats, heavy equipment often used to entice victims.

FBI grabs a Most Wanted Cyber Fugitive

The FBI this week said it had nabbed one of the agency’s Cyber’s Most Wanted outlaws -- John Gordon Baden – who is charged with stealing the identities of 40,000 people and then using the information to siphon millions of dollars from...

Internet Crime Complaint Center warns that scam uses IC3 email as way to con victims

Fraudsters say e-mail sender is a representative of the IC3.

Dumping an open source Honeypot on Rachel: FTC reloads on liquidating robocallers

FTC sets rules for second robocall challenge at DEF CON.

Could a quadcopter land rovers on Mars?

The European Space Agency is showing off a quadcopter that the organization says can steer itself to smoothly lower a rover onto a safe patch of the rocky Martian surface.

Federal/state wiretap use grows, encryption makes impact

Authorized communications intercept applications have increased 100% from 1,789 in 2003 to 3,576 in 2013.

FBI warns businesses 'Man-in-the-E-Mail' scam escalating

For more than a year, the IC3 is warning businesses to be on the lookout for growing scam that tricks them into paying invoices.

Carnegie Mellon system lets you get to the good parts of video, fast

University computer scientists say they have invented a video highlighting technique that can automatically pick out action in videos

100Mb/sec Ethernet coming to a car near you?

The IEEE said it formed a study group to explore the technological needs for a 100 Mb/s speed for Ethernet in automotive networking.

US intelligence agency wants brain-like algorithms for complex information processing

IBM recently said it found a way to make transistors that could be formed into virtual circuitry that mimics human brain functions.

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