Michael Brown

Executive Editor

Michael is TechHive's lead editor and covers the smart home and home entertainment markets. He built his own smart home in 2007, which he uses as a real-world test lab when reviewing new products. Michael also reviews routers and networking products for TechHive and PCWorld.

Kindle vs Fire: How to choose the right Amazon e-reader

5 awesome gifts for smart-home enthusiasts

5 awesome gifts for smart-home enthusiasts

Armed with this gift guide, you can transform an ordinary house into a smart and secure home for the modern age.

Bitdefender Box review: Trying hard to be the antivirus for the Internet of Things

Bitdefender Box review: Trying hard to be the antivirus for the Internet of Things

You could also call it whole-home anti-malware, but I wouldn’t call it ready for widespread deployment.

Engenius announces new lineup of outdoor Wi-Fi access points and bridges

Engenius Technologies announced a new line of weatherized 802.11n access points and bridges suitable for mounting in outdoor locations.

Meet 60GHz Wi-Fi, the insanely fast future of wireless networking

Get ready for a ridiculous boost in wireless networking speed. Two camps are competing to deliver wireless components that are at least seven times faster than today's gigabit (IEEE 802.11ac) routers.

802.11n Wi-Fi Routers: Tested to the Nth degree

Sure, those fancy new 802.11ac routers are wicked fast, but the IEEE isn't expected to ratify that standard until later this year. So today's 802.11ac hardware could be rendered obsolete if the standards body changes course between...

Netgear A6200: A cost-effective and fast 802.11ac adapter

If you need to connect several wired clients to your 802.11ac network, you should set up a wireless bridge. If you have just one client--especially a laptop, or maybe a home-theater PC--Netgear offers a better, cheaper alternative:...

Western Digital My Net AC1300: A fast 802.11ac router from a surprising source

Western Digital entered the networking market in 2012 with an 802.11n router. The company has now delivered not only its first 802.11ac Draft 2.0 router--the My Net AC1300--but also its first 802.11ac bridge, the My Net AC Bridge...

Linksys EA6500: A user-friendly 802.11ac router with decent performance

Cisco arrived late to the 802.11ac party, but its Linksys EA6500 (it's hard to say the entire name--the Linksys Video Pro AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router EA6500--in a single breath) is a very solid, easy-to-use dual-band router with one...

How to buy the best portable hard drive

You can never have too much digital storage, and the day will come--sooner than you think--when you won't be able to squeeze a single new file onto your computer's hard drive. And if your primary computer is a laptop or an all-in-one...

Intuit Announces Free Payroll App for Small Businesses

Intuit will announce on July 12, the availability of a new, free app aimed at small business owners who don't use accounting software or payroll services. Snap Payroll, available for the Apple iPhone and iPad, will calculate an...

What Separates Business Routers From Consumer Routers?

If you're in the market for a new router for your small business, you might be tempted by the flashy features, high speeds, and low cost of consumer-oriented routers. The latest models, based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard, look...

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