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11 data centre disasters

Smart meters: A timeline of the UK rollout - Energy customers are cynical about the rollout - click through its history

The original plan Image by iStock The government has tasked energy suppliers with installing 50 million smart meters by 2020 to the cost of £10.6 billion. It estimates that bill-payers will see an...

Internet of things tips for the enterprise: 9 things to consider before deploying machine-to-machine, IoT projects

Internet of things tips: What can M2M offer your firm? Image by iStock Greg Ford, managing director of software vendor Advanced Field Service says that the aim of an IoT strategy should be a creating...

'He's working with a load of geeks': Ocado gets its engineering staff's parents to describe what they do

Online grocer Ocado’s IT workforce spend so much time developing its bespoke technology, it has handed over internal app creation to its non-techy staff.

British companies turning to local SaaS providers after EU-US data transfer agreement crumbles

Salesforce customers have been flocking to British SaaS provider Really Simple Systems since the European courts ruled the EU-US data transfer agreement invalid. ComputerworldUK investigates why companies need to consider local...

Wikipedia founder says EU data ruling signals 'era of balkanised data'

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales discusses Facebook's next steps now the 'Safe Harbour Agreement' is defunct, why users don't care where their data is stored, and why he is visiting the Chinese government.

What is the 'Safe Harbor' agreement?

Today's landmark ruling in the Europe versus Facebook case will change the way data transfers take place between the UK and the US - and are likely to affect the international business landscape. ComputerworldUK explains why.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines: detecting threats on the ocean with DNS data

Spotting security threats across your IT estate: how Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines used Splunk Cloud for threat management

Big data: Vodafone Group overcomes Oracle woes crunching operational IT data

How Vodafone ensures it's 'always on' with the help of big data

Windows 10: Cortana keylogging saga won't affect enterprise versions

The enterprise version of Windows 10 is the only license that allows telemetry tracking to be set to 'off'. Read on to find out how to do this.

Getting to grips with Google’s open-source container project

eBay is using Kubernetes in a bid to create an entirely programmable datacentre

OpenStack: what's in it for Google Cloud

Google Cloud's product manager talks cloud, open source communities and why Google is endorsing OpenStack

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