Linus Larsson

ISP appeals verdict that closed Pirate Bay

Swedish ISP Black Internet has decided to appeal in the Stockholm district court the verdict that led to it closing file-sharing site The Pirate Bay's data connection.

Pirate Bay ISP victim of sabotage after shutdown

Black Internet, the ISP that on Monday turned off the access to file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, says it has become the victim of sabotage. The damage is substantial, according to CEO Victor Möller.

Elaborate gear-based con foiled by alert employee

A elaborate Swedish bank-heist scheme involving remotely controlled gear was foiled by an eagle-eyed employee who saw a mouse pointer moving when it shouldn't.

Alleged Cisco hacker convicted in Sweden, bewails fate

A 19-year-old convicted of hacking several Swedish university and research systems -- and suspected of cracking servers at Cisco -- bewails his conviction on seven charges of unauthorized access, saying authorities have "destroyed his...

Hacks hit embassy, government e-mail accounts worldwide

A cache found online of usernames and passwords for more than 100 government e-mail accounts includes takings from Iranian, Russian, Indian, U.K., and Kazakh victims.

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