Laurianne McLaughlin

Six cool cloud companies at DEMO

At DEMO Spring 2010 this week, cloud computing startup companies got to strut their stuff. Here's a look at who stood out in the cloud crowd.

Parallels stakes out tricky spot in the cloud

Parallels, known widely for its Parallels Desktop software that lets Mac users run Windows in a virtual machine, faces a problem that currently plagues many cloud companies: an identity crisis.

Windows 7 Launch: 10 Things Steve Ballmer Won't Say

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer prepares to announce Windows 7, considers what we'd really like to hear him say at the glitzy New York debut. And remember, "PC guys": This is all in good fun.

Does VMware vSphere solve IT's worries about Cloud?

For all the hype about cloud computing in the enterprise-hype that Gartner believes is now nearing its peak-IT professionals continue to tell cloud-related vendors that the cloud will not be practical until several serious concerns...

Cloud computing: Hyperic's tools allow direct management

Hyperic's latest offering, Hyperic HQ 4.0, allows a company that wants to use Amazon's EC2 cloud services, for example, have a detailed window into how its apps are running in Amazon's cloud.

Vendors demo VM migration between AMD, Intel servers

If you're doing a live migration of a virtual machine, you can't move a VM from an AMD-based physical server to an Intel-based one, or vice versa. It's a big problem, but vendors are working to resolve it.

Veeam connects virtual and physical management tools

The vendor links VMware virtual infrastructure tools to enterprise systems management software from Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

VMware makes thin-client moves

Enterprises can choose from more VMware-certified hardware options that work with VMware's virtual desktop infrastructure technology.

Monster savings from virtualization on Sesame Street

The company uses open-source software from Novell and has kept to a bare minimum the number of virtualization-management tools it uses.

Consolidating your data center? Avoid these pitfalls

People are the biggest concern, but don't forget about end-user applications or client machines.

Marathon's virtualization tool simplifies disaster recovery

Marathon formally announced its everRun VM product for high availability and disaster recovery today. The software is available in beta form and will ship in April. The product can be added to the XenServer Enterprise Edition license...

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