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How valuable are security certifications?

Anyone who puts in the time and spends the money to get certified is showing they care about staying current with security trends and techniques, says CIO Jerry Irvine.

Securing Facebook: With a little help from his 800 million friends

The eyes of the online world are on Joe Sullivan.

Brain drain: Protecting your organization's IP

Global healthcare provider Best Doctors employs the most robust technologies and practices available to protect the privacy of its members' personal data -- but that's just a part of doing business in this industry. Less obvious but...

5 secrets to building a great security team

For a security industry leader, Tim Williams is a pretty modest guy. As the former head of ASIS International and now as global security director for the $42.5 billion construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, Williams has won...

Supply Chain Security Threats: 5 Game-Changing Forces

As any CSO knows, it's not enough to mind your own business. You have to look after your business partners as well, across all links that connect to your supply chain--whether that chain is physical or virtual. And that goes double...

SMB Security: Five Bright Ideas – Adam Hansen is that rare bird in the small to midsize business (SMB) realm: He is a CSO. Hansen heads up security for Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal, an 800-attorney law firm in Chicago. Granted, Hansen's employer sits...

Career expertise: Broad trumps focused

Multiple certifications or complementary degrees builds knowledge that can turbocharge a security professional's career.

The Age of Assets: Keeping Tabs On What You Have

Enterprise asset management isn't just for heavy industry anymore. Today, CIOs in many sectors can combine software, wireless networks and sensors to keep tabs on all kinds of assets.

Sidebar: Getting to 802.11i

Updating for the emerging WLAN security standard will require more than just a software update to existing hardware.

Sidebar: Coming Attractions: Emerging WLAN Standards

These three emerging WLAN standards likely to affect future deployments.

Preventive Medicine

Despite the risk of false positives, users and analysts say intrusion-prevention systems are gaining traction in the corporate IT security perimeter.

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