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How to Profit From the Ultimate Big Data Source: The Weather

By analyzing a wealth of weather information, multiple industries can adjust inventories and marketing schemes based on the shifting winds of Mother Nature.

Crowdsourcing Offers a New and Wider Path to Innovation

GE, Allstate try crowdsourcing contests where external brainiacs compete to produce the best answers to big-data analytics questions.

How play at work can lead to IT innovation

All work and no play does more than make Jack a dull boy. It can stifle creativity. A playful office helps corporate problem-solving and sparks innovation.

Mobile and Personalization Technologies Drive Fast Food Chains to the Future

The future of burger joints and smoothie bars involves customer-friendly technologies that will make fast food more of a service and less of a destination.

Social media marries big data at wedding retailer

David's Bridal uses data from its social shopping community, where the bride-to-be shares plans with the wedding party, to tie the knot with customers

Do Chief Digital Officers Spell Trouble for CIOs?

CEOs are hiring hotshot chief digital officers to run strategic, customer-facing operations such as online sales. Is this good news or bad news for CIOs?

CIOs can help their companies survive industry disruption

Business models are constantly in jeopardy. Netflix, for example, played the role of disruptor as it whacked Blockbuster, but now Netflix is facing stiff competition from Amazon, Hulu and others. The lesson for business leaders:...

Why Tech Startups Partner With Companies In Industries They Want to Disrupt

Sometimes tech startups make deals with the very industry players they're trying to disrupt.

Mobile, Analytics Help Sports Industry Score More Sales

Organizations such as the Green Bay Packers football team and the owner of the Daytona 500 race track are using IT to produce happier fans and more revenue.

More CIOs are gaining stature as business strategists

CIOs are earning business credibility, sharpening customer focus and raising IT's strategic profile, according to our 2013 State of the CIO survey.

How a Homegrown Mobile System Helps Police Bust Gang Members

A local police force built a mobile-data system to quickly access the records officers need to make arrests.

Avis installs a smarter voice-response system

The rental-car company rolls out a voice-response system with tailored menus that anticipate what the customer will want to do next

CIOs say corporate directors are clueless about IT

Our exclusive research shows that boards of directors still don't understand the role that IT can play in driving business innovation. It's the CIO's job to change that.

Boards Want to Learn About Emerging IT Issues

Directors admit they aren't adequately engaged in topics such as social media and IT-enabled business innovation

What IT leaders can learn from hostage negotiators

A leadership expert and former hostage negotiator says that business leaders who show that they care about employees will create a safe haven that fosters productivity and creativity

Infographic: Where employees at top tech firms put their political donations

While the political contributions from leading tech CEOs are a bit hard to decipher (see Tech Industry Leaders and Their Political Donations), the message from the hard-working employees at the biggest technology companies is clear....

Companies race to the patent office to protect their IT breakthroughs

As companies strive to regain the ground lost to the recession, CEOs are talking a lot about innovation. Some have decreed that a certain percentage of revenue must come from brand-new products and services each year. If CEOs want...

Campbell's IT Team's Secret Mission to Sell More Soup

Sure, soup is good food, but sales ain't what they used to be. To freshen up its product line and serve up innovative new products ASAP, Campbell's IT is building new systems for improved collaboration.

Tablets for flight attendants on American Airlines

In an effort to get closer to customers and improve sales, American Airlines is launching a new mobile strategy aimed at boosting customer loyalty by giving flight attendants tablets loaded with customer data.

Innovation can start far from home

A Dartmouth faculty member suggests that CIOs can get fresh ideas from emerging economies, but it requires a new way of thinking

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