Joyce Carpenter

Empowering the On-the-Go Employee

What does it take to empower today’s outside-the-office employee? This blog series will explore the demands of today’s on-the-go workforce and the technology and processes necessary to enable and increase productivity.

Data and Decisions

This blog examines best practices for using that data to drive business success.

Censorship on the Web

Open communication finds itself under continual assault as it is increasingly within nations’ power to select the content their citizens can see.

Controlling cockroach neurons -- there's an app for that

In this TedTalk, we see how electrical stimulation of neurons can trigger activity in a severed cockroach leg. And lemme tell ya, this cockroach can dance. A little background may be in order. Tim Marzullo and Greg Gage wanted to...

Cat, video, technology. Cat video technologist.

In this week's installment of cats and technology, we have Remy, the cat who either loves or hates newly printed pages. Remy is not bothered by the piles of papers on the desk, but a newly minted sheet from the printer? Oh, boy,...

When you're in a cat video, sometimes you chase the duck and sometimes the duck chases you

Roombas.  All the cool cats are riding 'em. Did I mention this is a cat video?  WIth a cat in a shark costume.  And a duck.  And a dog.  Welcome to the Internet, boys and girls.  Where else could you find such a response to...

Build it and they will drink

Imagine you have some temperature sensors lying about. And you're a geek. And you're a home brewer. Nuff said? (via Slashdot TV) The details: Build a beer tree from a server rack to house your hot liquor tank, your mash...

Smell your smartphone

Do you smell blood when playing Mortal Kombat? Soon you might get a real whiff of that virtual blood. Having a bad day? Need a relaxing scent to calm your nerves? If your friends love you -- and you both have the Scentee device...

IT in 3D

This blog explores the evolution of the IT industry and the sweeping changes in technology – in the physical, virtual, and cloud elements of IT infrastructure.

How to upgrade a building: Add fiber, sculpture and a bike-spa

The old PacBell building at 140 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, (@140nm) was wired for connectivity long before the needs of a tenant like Yelp would make 21st century demands. But even this the building's wellness...

Go Fast, Be Secure

Developers use open-source components to provide more features more quickly, but we also need to protect the IT infrastructure despite lagging security standards.

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