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Josh Fruhlinger is a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles.

What is generative AI? Artificial intelligence that creates

It's (still) Windows 95's world. We just live in it.

It's (still) Windows 95's world. We just live in it.

From the Start menu and Taskbar to device autodetection and free, bundled Web browsers, here’s a brief history of how Windows 95 became the operating system that time never forgot.

Theory, practice, and fighting for terminal time: How computer science education has changed

When it comes to learning programming, some things have changed -- but not everything.

Stupid security mistakes: Things you missed while doing the hard stuff

While you were upgrading your servers with the latest intrusion detection, did someone just walk in and steal them? We urge you not to forget the obvious when you're doing your security planning.

Extreme BYOD: When consumer tech goes to unexpected places

iPhones and personal laptops aren't just sneaking into office settings; they're going high (into space), low (underwater), and everywhere in between.

Where did I come from? The origin(s) of my MacBook Pro

I remember when I bought my first new Mac. The label on the box read something like "Assembled for Apple in California." Famously, that has now changed.

Metapost: Microsoft hates patents all of a sudden

Plus: DRAM price plummets.

Tizen, webOS battle for a niche

Plus: Adblock that doesn't block ads?

iOS 5, day five: Find My iPhone (and other iThings)

Or, how to send your loved ones the most irritating text message possible.

iOS 5, day four: iCloud data syncing in practice

The real version of contact information is now out of my hands

iOS 5, day two: When iMessage meets a non-Apple world

Unfortunately, seamlessness isn't possible in the face of reality.

iOS 5, day one: Notifications and reminders can be friends -- if you tweak your settings right

For a product that boasts seamlessness, one aspect of iOS 5 sticks out -- in a bad way.

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