Joe Clabby

Joe Clabby is a technology research analyst with over 33 years of IT experience. He is the president of Clabby Analytics, where he specializes in infrastructure (systems, storage and networks), in analytics, in predictive management and in software defined environments.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Joe Clabby and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

IDG’s AGENDA15: The dynamics of digital transformation

The way to greatly reduce cloud computing costs

The way to greatly reduce cloud computing costs

This blog describes a managed service provider that offers a cloud environment that spans multiple platforms including mainframes, RISC machines and x86 servers,and includes process (policy and procedures) overlay. This approach...

 Microsoft's project HoloLens - visualize this

Microsoft's project HoloLens - visualize this

As the Internet evolves, sensory technologies will play a larger role. Microsoft's HoloLens is one example -- here is what it is and how it works.

The problem with cloud service providers and security SLAs

The problem with cloud service providers and security SLAs

Research indicates that security concerns and legal liability for lost or stolen data remain a big issue with businesses evaluating Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). These concerns may lead to security-related contract guarantees with...

IT trends for 2015: Power Systems, security and flash-as-memory

IT trends for 2015: Power Systems, security and flash-as-memory

Here are several interesting trends for 2015 including new features in IBM's Power Systems, advances in security (including risk/ fraud and advanced data security) and flash-as-memory and how it is being used to augment main memory.

2014: The spotlight year for advanced security

High-profile security breaches in 2014 have made security a major concern for businesses. Look for vendors that provide security analytics and a broad integrated suite of security tools.

Breaking Out of the Storage Roach Motel

Clabby Analytics – About eight years ago the former president of Aberdeen Group (John Logan) wrote a funny article in which he described one particular storage vendor as the "roach motel of storage" (a roach motel is a small box with...

Expanding Beyond the Storage Silo

Clabby Analytics – According to an independent study commissioned by IBM's Tivoli group last year, labor now accounts for seventy percent of a CIO's IT budget. And of this seventy percent, almost three quarters goes to labor directly...

The Three Approaches to Storage Virtualization: Which Approach Is Best For You?

Clabby Analytics – "Virtualization" refers to placing systems, storage, and/or network resources into logical groups or virtualized "pools". These resources can then be exploited by applications and databases that require...

Is It Really Time To Ditch Your IT Department?

Independent Technology Research Analyst – Nicholas Carr, whose 2003 industry-rousing Harvard Business Review article exclaiming that IT doesn't matter as a major source of enterprise competitive differentiation is back - this time...

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