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Joanie Wexler is an independent writer and editor who has spent 20+ years writing about computer networking technologies, their business potential, and implementation considerations. She serves clients at technology companies and industry publications writing educational materials on all aspects of IT.

Wi-Fi complexity moves into the cloud

There are now at least three companies moving enterprise Wi-Fi control functions, management functions or both into the cloud.

Wireless helps hone data center efficiencies

Enterprise efforts to consolidate data centers and install virtualization software are taking a big bite out of the number of power-hungry application and storage servers required to support enterprise data. But after taking this...

Outdoor 11n Wi-Fi gear grabs spotlight

A big focus for Wi-Fi makers these days is building equipment that supports high-speed outdoor network applications. For example, there are enterprises that want to extend their wireless LANs outdoors. There are municipalities with...

International Disconnect

The U.S. trails Europe and Asia in network and device interoperability, and those protocol inconsistencies hit business users who travel internationally -- whether they roam from the U.S. to Europe or Asia or vice versa.

Global Sourcing & Pricing Strategies

Expert advice for U.S. companies doing business abroad that are looking to solidify their mobile strategy and cut costs.

Wi-Fi/Cellular at Convergence Crossroads

The merger of cellular and Wi-Fi technologies could extend coverage, but integrating those services poses challenges.

Dual-Mode Devices Ready to Roll

Converged Wi-Fi/cellular services may not be ready for corporate use, but manufacturers are already starting to ship dual-mode devices.

Waiting for WiMax

Mobile WiMax promises better coverage and higher bandwidth than today's wireless options.

U.S. now allows full 5-GHz Wi-Fi networking

The FCC added another 255 MHz and 11 channels to the existing 325 MHz and 13 channels available for Wi-Fi in the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure spectrum.

Sidebar: Managing Relationships and Contracts

IT leaders offer suggestions for reaping savings from outsourcing beyond reducing internal head count.

Succeeding At Sourcing

IT leaders tend to keep strategic IT architecture decisions close to home and farm out high-volume, repeatable processes.

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