Jennifer Mears

Company hopes to tame Wal-Mart RFID requirement

A midsize company sees a bright future for RFID technology even as it struggles to meet Wal-Mart's requirement that shipments it receives have the tags.

IBM pumps up Linux virtual machines on mainframe OS

In internal tests, IBM says, z/VM 5.3 was able to host more than 1,000 virtual images on a single copy of the operating system

Despite SCO Group's financial slide, Unix plans continue

Although the vendor reported lower fourth-quarter and year-end results, which it blames on competitive pressures and increased costs for litigation, SCO Group says it plans to continue pursuing its enterprise Unix business.

May the Salesforce be with you

Customization efforts lead to more large enterprises with complex application environments buying into the idea of software-as-a-service.

Ever wonder how Red Hat got its name?

Company co-founder explains why the Linux company chose the name Red Hat.

Linux event shows move to mainstream

Open-source: It's no longer a question of if; it's how to deploy, secure and manage.

HP, EMC and others hint at their next moves

Company executives sat in the hot seat to answer pointed questions from Goldman Sachs analysts about servers and storage.

IBM taps VMware, Citrix to create blade PCs

The deal allows IBM to roll out a blade PC offering of its own that enables end users to run multiple virtual PCs on a single blade.

Open-source databases grow

Momentum around open-source alternatives is swelling, with a number of developments in recent months illustrating the market's growing maturity.

'Take it all' outsourcing on the wane

Corporations are signing on for smaller, more business-specific arrangements.

Study: Outsourcing losing luster

Negative experiences, improved economics have led some companies to bring outsourced functions back in-house.

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