Jay Cline

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Jay Cline is president of Minnesota Privacy Consultants.

A privacy standard for Internet of Things suppliers

Five predictions for the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor showdown

Five predictions for the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor showdown

Last week’s announcement by EU privacy regulators that they may start issuing Safe Harbor fines is their strongest position to date, but several indicators point toward a compromise outcome.

Global privacy advisory market topping $3B

Global privacy advisory market topping $3B

The first-known estimate of corporate spending on privacy lawyers and consultants projects strong gains driven by regulatory and technology change.

Jay Cline: U.S. takes the gold in doling out privacy fines

EU privacy regulators say U.S. privacy laws are too weak to protect EU personal data. But a new analysis of 358 privacy-enforcement actions paints the opposite picture.

Jay Cline: Is privacy dead?

Revelations in 2013 about NSA surveillance and the power of big-data analytics suggest the age of privacy is over. But a new 'privacy death index' places us far from the tipping point.

Jay Cline: A growing cultural divide on privacy

This summer's polls show most Americans harbor nuanced support for privacy-invasive government measures. But swing voters back NSA leaker Snowden and a wholesale reform of civil liberties.

Jay Cline: What will Snowden leak next?

What if NSA leaker Edward Snowden hasn't been reckless but instead is following a carefully thought-out plan? If so, we can make some guesses about what revelations will come next.

Global winners and losers post-Snowden

EU privacy hawks and U.S. cloud providers have seen their near-term outlooks swing following the former NSA contractor's disclosures.

7 reasons the FTC could audit your privacy program

Audits can be expensive, and fines and compensatory actions could mean millions more. Here are the things you should be looking out for.

Google and the privacy Richter scale

Google's consolidation of its many privacy policies hasn't shaken the foundations of individuals' privacy rights enough to bring them tumbling down.

Jay Cline: Are medical-data breaches overreported?

Healthcare organizations should make better use of the 'significant risk of harm' exemption in the federal law.

iPhone location-tracking incident boosts stock of 'privacy by design'

With a Senate hearing scheduled for tomorrow, the concept of privacy by design could get more attention.

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