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Jamie Eckle is a Computerworld contributing editor.

Career Watch: Be wary of IT employment contracts

Career Watch: Where the gender pay gap is narrowest

Two IT-related careers make the list of 25 occupations where the pay gap between men and women is narrowest.

Career Watch: Getting the bottom line into your resume

How can you use your resume to give prospective employers insight into how you helped your past employers?

Career Watch: How IT can be influential

The co-founders of business-growth consulting firm Growth Vault discuss how IT can be influential within a business.

Career Watch: Crunching the BLS jobs figures

March data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics holds good news for IT pros, but there are different ways to slice it.

Career Watch: Who's the best-paid CIO in the land?

Was HP's EVP of technology and operations the best paid tech leader in the U.S. in 2012? Possibly.

Career Watch: Top perks for IT jobs

Pursue the right IT career, and you're practically guaranteed a free lunch.

Career Watch: The rise of people architecture

In managing human resources, people architecture is gaining popularity, says IT workforce analyst David Foote. He explains what it is and why it's on the rise.

Career Watch: Pay was down for CS grads last year, but IT workers find that money isn't everything

Two surveys show that starting salaries for recent college graduates with computer science degrees has slipped, but pay might not be the most important factor for IT professionals when it comes to choosing jobs.

Career Watch: In-demand skills for 2014

The most-sought skills of 2014, and the outlook for IT spending this year.

Career Watch: On job satisfaction, CIOs' perceptions may be skewed

CIOs tend to think their employees are satisfied, but the employees themselves don't seem that committed to staying where they are, two surveys find.

Career Watch: Paying lip service to work/life balance

Personal coach Kelly Walsh says some initiatives with the 'work/life balance' label are actually counterproductive.

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