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Plane lands on the Hudson, and Twitter documents it all

Wednesday night, I took the red-eye back to Boston, and wondered during the safety demonstration: Would the passengers on board a commercial passenger jet really have much of a chance of surviving an emergency landing on the water?

Opinion: The future of the Web is 3-D, not video

While online video is becoming ever-more popular, it has fundamental limitations and will be challenged by new graphics technologies that allow users to interact in sophisticated 3-D environments of photorealistic quality, says Ian...

Opinion: Misguided new media experiment -- Twittering a funeral

A reporter's coverage on Twitter of the funeral of a 3-year-old boy killed in an auto accident is intrusive and morbid, says Ian Lamont of the Industry Standard.

Opinion: Why is Yahoo boosting domain fees by 30%?

Ian Lamont wonders about the peculiar circumstances surrounding the hike for existing domains.

Video: Police tech -- How cops use IT to catch bad guys

Officers from the Framingham, Mass., Police Department explain some of the technologies -- ranging from police cruiser laptops to sophisticated mapping applications -- they use to monitor crimes and promote public safety.

Video: CNBC's wall -- an 18-in. raised floor packed solid

CNBC has grown so quickly that its 18-in. raised-floor space is packed to the brim with cabling. It's now investigating new network protocols to open bandwidth on its existing networks.

Police tech: How cops use IT to catch bad guys

Your local police department may not look like those on flashy TV shows, but it uses every available resource to get an edge in the battle against crime.

The rise of online video: Looking beyond the strike

Mathew Ingram points to a BBC report that describes a sharp increase in the number of people visiting online video sites since the Hollywood writers' strike began. Both sources also point to the Pew Internet & American Life...

Second Life cracks down on "banks"

Linden Lab is finally banishing bogus banks from Second Life. It's amazing it took so long, particularly after the Ginko Financial collapse and other signs of financial irregularities, but the lawyers and business executives behind...

Dryad and the 3D modeling challenge

One of the bottlenecks that has held back the development of three-dimensional, computer-generated environments are the building tools. I've discussed the learning curve associated with standalone 3D modeling programs (see When...

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