Esther Schindler

Business bartering survival guide: Lessons from real life

Trading your expertise for the skills of someone else is a great idea for cash-strapped businesses. But bartering can go sour – and herein, I share some tips I wish I hadn’t learned the hard way.

The developer's guide to future car technology

Forget the Jetsons. Instead, think tech innovations from a developer's point of view: embedded systems, networking challenges, human-machine interaction, and software standards.

Building a developer ecosystem: What vendors do to attract you to their platforms

Software developers have lots of choices about the platforms they target. Savvy vendors put serious thought into the ways to recruit people to write software to integrate with their stuff. Here's what they do – or they ought to.

How to hire telecommuters: 7 must-ask questions

Hiring remote workers can be tricky business. Here are some questions you should ask would-be telecommuting employees -- and some red flags to look for in the answers.

Why your users hate Agile development (and what you can do about it)

What developers see as iterative and flexible, users see as disorganized and never-ending. Here's how some experienced developers have changed that perception.


How smart developers generate lousy code

Most experienced developers can think of a time when they worked on a team with other accomplished programmers. Yet the code quality was anywhere from “eh” to “oh god you didn’t actually ship that did you?!” Here’s how this can...

5 software research projects to make you say OH COOL

Innovation isn't dead. Far from it. Here's a handful of technology projects underway – from facial recognition to brainwave-computer integration — that you might see soon in the products you rely on.

Making your software development project a success: A guide for business clients

It's always tough to buy services from someone who does necessary, mysterious, and technical things -- especially when it costs lots of money. Hiring a web developer is almost as scary as paying for a car mechanic, home insurance, or...

Racetrack Memory -- Computer Memory That's 100,000 Times Faster Than Today's -- May Arrive in 5-7 Years

Computer memory and storage have always followed the Law of Closet Space. No matter how much you have, you shortly discover that it isn't enough.So it's good news that scientists in Switzerland are working on racetrack memory,...

The Body-to-Body Network: Where You, Personally, Become Part of the Internet

According to researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, using wearable sensors, ordinary people could create powerful new mobile Internet networks. Doing so, they say, could create new ultra high bandwidth mobile internet...

Programmers who defined the technology industry: Where are they now?

The future of the computer... circa 1986.

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