Elizabeth Montalbano

Analysts: Windows 7 could spur enterprise PC sales

Windows 7 could inspire businesses to begin spending money on PC upgrades again because it repairs major problems enterprise users had with Vista when it was released nearly three years ago, analysts said this week.The "Windows 7: An...

Forrester: Social networking grows up

Companies can begin to target people over the age of 34 with media campaigns that leverage social networks as that age group has become the largest segment using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, a new study from Forrester...

Sony adds Daily Edition to e-reader line

Sony Electronics has unveiled a third e-reader with wireless Internet access to complement two devices announced earlier. Sony's new Reader Daily Edition, priced at about US$399, will have connectivity through AT&T's 3G mobile...

As Exchange grows up, it plays more strategic role

Long an important product for Microsoft, Exchange Server going forward will play even more of a key role in the company's plan to extend its collaboration applications to mobile devices and other software platforms.

Red Hat expands partner program to juice reseller business

Red Hat has expanded its partner program to give companies more options for how they can work with the Linux vendor, more ways to demonstrate their areas of product expertise to customers and more discounts on product pricing, the...

Report: Andressen invests in browser startup RockMelt

Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, perhaps still stinging after losing to Microsoft in the browser wars in the mid-1990s, may be looking to get back into the browser game.

Microsoft, Nokia team to put Office apps on mobile phones

Microsoft and Nokia are working together to put a version of Microsoft's Office productivity applications on Nokia handsets, the companies said.

Microsoft, Nokia may strike apps alliance Wednesday

Microsoft and Nokia are set to unveil an alliance on Wednesday that will likely reveal a plan to deliver Microsoft's Office applications on Nokia handsets.

Opera, Chrome not officially supported by Office Web Apps

Microsoft has left the Opera and Google Chrome browsers off the list of those officially supported by its Web-based Office applications, which will be available worldwide in technical preview sometime this month.

Microsoft to charge Office Live customers domain-renewal fee

Microsoft customers who signed up to its Office Live Small Business service before February of last year will soon have to pay to renew Web domains they've acquired through the service.

Twitter taken down by denial-of-service attack

The Twitter micro-blogging and social networking service has been hit with a denial of service attack Thursday morning that has rendered the site unavailable for users.

Microsoft acknowledges Linux threat to Windows client

Microsoft for the first time has named Linux distributors Red Hat and Canonical as competitors to its Windows client business in its annual filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Microsoft details how to port iPhone apps to Windows Mobile

Microsoft has published a case study detailing how to port an iPhone application to its Windows Mobile platform as it prepares to launch an online store for mobile applications to compete with Apple.

Ballmer surprised by market's reaction to Microsoft-Yahoo

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was surprised that Wall Street reacted negatively to Yahoo's plan to hand over its Internet search and advertising reins to Microsoft, he said Thursday.

Bing was tipping point in Microsoft-Yahoo deal

The successful launch of Microsoft's revamped search engine, Bing, was likely the event that tipped the scales in favor of Yahoo agreeing to a search deal, analysts said.

CEOs: Details slowed deal on Yahoo, Microsoft search tie-up

Microsoft and Yahoo took so long to reach an Internet search and ad deal because they wanted to make sure any agreement would allow both companies to drive their separate online businesses forward, their CEOs said.

Update: Microsoft signs search deal with Yahoo

Microsoft's Bing search engine will power Yahoo's search site, and Yahoo will sell premium search advertising services for both companies, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Gartner: Global software budgets will grow next year

A new report by Gartner showing that software spending will increase worldwide next year indicates there may be truth to the general belief that the technology market has hit bottom.

Microsoft Frees Linux Driver Source Code

Microsoft's move to release three of its drivers to the Linux community could put pressure on other vendors of closed-source Linux drivers to follow suit.

Enterprise Pricing for Azure Cloud Still Unclear

Microsoft has yet to say exactly how it will incorporate Windows Azure pricing into long-term corporate contracts, but a company executive last week did promise to make it as simple as possible.

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