Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi

Chairman & CEO

Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, chairman and CEO of CyberFlow Analytics and former chief transformation officer at AT&T, has emerged to solve cybersecurity with an innovative approach utilizing big data security anomalytics. He has formed partnerships with global companies like Toshiba to ensure the CyberFlow solution can scale across all industries, especially financial services and biotech.

While at AT&T, Dr. Eslambolchi ran a team of 18,000 people and is recognized as the thought leader behind AT&T becoming an IP network. He revolutionized their infrastructure and is the largest holder of individual patents in the world, having received the Thomas Edison Patent Award in 2013.

Dr. Eslambolchi is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost thought leaders and technological scientists, supported by his 150,000 LinkedIn followers. His expertise spans IP network design and reliability, security, IP technologies, services and IP applications. Published in 2006, his book, 2020 Vision, showcases his expertise. He received his BS, MS, PhD and post-doc degrees with highest honors from the University of California, San Diego.

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