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Denise Dubie is a senior editor at Network World. She is a longtime, high-tech industry journalist and content creator. Previously she was a content marketer at CA Technologies, Berkshire Grey, and Cisco.

Microsoft woos developers with latest IE9 preview

Microsoft Wednesday unveiled the second platform preview of its Internet Explorer 9 browser, which isn't due to be released to market for another year. Industry watchers expect the iterative versions will help Microsoft keep...

Infoblox buys out Netcordia in network management union

IP address management vendor Infoblox announced Tuesday it had acquired for an undisclosed sum Netcordia, a maker of appliances that provide network change and configuration management capabilities.Tech M&A deals of 2010Infoblox...

Microsoft kills Courier tablet project

Microsoft confirms that it canceled development on a tablet device, codenamed Courier, which could have forced iPad prices down by offering more choices to customers.

High-tech employment grows

IT jobs could return to healthier levels in 2010 along with an improved economy, according to the IEEE-USA, which this week reported that employment grew for three high-tech job categories.10 best IT jobs right nowBased on data...

Corporate IT just won't let IE6 die

nline ad network Chitika reported that use of Internet Explorer 6 peaks during standard office hours and drops in popularity after hours, suggesting corporate IT departments continue to support the browser in their organizations.

Microsoft weaves management technology into cloud vision

LAS VEGAS -- Microsoft's plans for cloud computing don't stop with infrastructure and applications. Company executives say Microsoft will also provide the heterogeneous management layer that customers will need to optimize...

Hardware to drive IT spending growth in 2010

Investments in computer hardware will bolster a tech recovery in 2010 as corporate IT buyers look to buy mobile PCs, desktops, servers, storage and network devices in the coming months, according to industry watchers.CEO payday: What...

5 hot IT certification picks for 2010

Certifications have always been beneficial to IT job seekers, but lately there's increased emphasis on vendor- and technology-specific training as the economy begins to recover and companies look to plug talent holes in their IT...

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft safeguards video, Adobe secures PDFs

Microsoft and Adobe Tuesday separately delivered a raft of security updates that address vulnerabilities said to impact common user activities such as watching video files or opening PDFs.Patch Tuesday brings bevy of critical...

Hardware to drive IT spending growth in 2010

Industry watchers forecast an increase in computer hardware and equipment purchases, followed by investments in software, which both will contribute to a strong economic environment in 2010.

10 years after Microsoft vs. DOJ

Ten years after losing its antitrust browser battle against the U.S. Department of Justice, Microsoft continues to dominate some markets, swings and misses in others, and serves as an example of what not to do for competitor Google.

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