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David Haskin is editor of Computerworld's online Mobile/Wireless channel. Intimately involved with technology since the early 1980s, he has been a technology journalist for many key print and Web publications for the last 16 years, specializing in wireless and mobile computing. Global Mobile

Broadband in rural America: Why I'm not holding my breath

Despite promising new technologies, rural America remains the land that telecom forgot. While many politicians claim that they will work toward cheap, reliable broadband for all Americans, it's still a long way off for much of the...

Taking the Droid on the road

I've lusted for an iPhone ever since it first went on sale -- but the nearest AT&T tower to my home is about 10 miles away. So I use Verizon Wireless and an ancient (four years old!) Motorola Q smartphone.That's why I was excited...

Review: Taking the Droid on the road

To test whether Motorola's new Droid is good enough to vanquish his iPhone envy, David Haskin took it on a road trip.

Review: Can the Zune HD close the iPod gap?

Microsoft's Zune HD offers some useful and unusual features that make it compelling -- for some users. But it's still not nearly as powerful as its competition from Apple.

Next year's netbooks: Notebook, meet smartphone

Even by the rapid-fire standards of the technology industry, netbooks have evolved quickly. However, the most significant netbook changes of all will start becoming available in the next year. First popularized after Taiwanese...

Premium netbooks: Good value or oxymoron?

The popularity of netbooks has introduced some that are more powerful, more feature-filled -- and more expensive. Are higher-cost, higher-quality netbooks worth a serious look?

The Linux Gadget Hall of Fame: One geek's picks

Linux has a strong following among those who manage corporate servers, a loyal corps of desktop users and a small but growing base of laptop users. But it's also been a big -- if stealthy -- success as a platform for gadgets. In...

Image Gallery: The Linux Gadget Hall of Fame

Some of the most fascinating, fun and influential gadgets ever made are based on Linux. Here are 10 of the best.

Review: BlackBerry Storm -- better for business than the iPhone?

If you're a business user with a yen for an iPhone, you may want to consider the BlackBerry Storm. It has many of the same features with an enterprise slant.

Which smartphone OS works best?

Once only within reach for executives and the well-heeled, smart phones are now at the center of many road warriors' lives. But their popularity has led to a problem: With so many smart phones available now, it's hard to know which...

Image gallery: Which smart phone OS works best?

When you choose a smart phone, it's wise to first figure out which operating system will work best for you. We tested four major smart phone platforms to see which is best for specific tasks.

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