Dave Altavilla

With nearly two decades of sales engineering experience in the Semiconductor industry, Dave Altavilla founded HotHardware.com, a consumer-facing Tech news and product review on-line publication, over 18 years ago. He brings insight as an industry insider with a passion for the wonders of system-level development that culminate into the next-generation, cutting-edge devices and platforms of tomorrow. Cultivated with the sweat-equity of time spent in the engineering backrooms and offices of architects at Wall Street bellwethers like Motorola, Cisco, and Dell/EMC, Dave's visibility into the design and manufacturing of leading-edge technologies brings a laser-sharp understanding of what it takes to deliver a best-of-class product to market.

Dave is also a Forbes/Technology senior contributing editor and is called upon by major news organization such as Fox Business, TD Ameritrade and Cheddar Network as an expert technology analyst and speaker.

Finally, Dave is also Principal Analyst of HotTech Vision And Analysis, a leading boutique Tech analyst and consulting firm working with key semiconductor brands in the computing and data center sector.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Dave Altavilla and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

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Intel ships Stratix 10 DX FPGAs with PCIe 4 and Optane support, partners with VMWare

Intel ships Stratix 10 DX FPGAs with PCIe 4 and Optane support, partners with VMWare

The company’s latest Field Programmable Gate Arrays for accelerating data center workloads will feature support for faster high-speed interconnects and non-volatile Optane memory.

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