Daniel P. Dern

Daniel P. Dern is a freelance technology writer based in Newton Center, Massachusetts. His website is www.dern.com and his technology blog is TryingTechnology.com.

Pocketable productivity: 5 folding keyboards for your smartphone

Pocketable productivity: 5 folding keyboards for your smartphone

Thumb-typing on your smartphone can make creating a short document take a lot longer. We review five folding keyboards that can make your job easier.

How to keep your smartphone (and its data) secure

These tips and tools can help you keep your smartphone close, and protect your data if it strays.

Designing for mobile: Responsive design vs. mobilized sites vs. mobile app

Which is best for reaching your website's mobile users?

3 ways to add broadband to your mobile devices

If your mobile device doesn't come with cellular broadband, there are several ways you can add it -- but there are advantages and disadvantages to each method.

10 commandments of Windows security

With the introduction of Windows 7, many PC and notebook users may feel more secure than they did using older versions of the Microsoft operating system. Newer OSs have more security features, offer better out-of-the-box security...

Sanitize your hard drives with Drive eRazer Ultra

Drive eRazer Ultra can wipe your hard drives in a variety of ways to make sure that any data that resided on it is completely and unalterably gone.

What today's software developers need to know

Today's software developers don't have to worry about many things that their predecessors used to, like coding to minimize RAM consumption. However, the reverse is also true: there are many new skills and areas of expertise that...

Six energy-efficient data center practices

The traditional data center is running out of power, space, and time. Here are some of the new, innovative, and unusual solutions in practice today.

Lost programming skills

Today's coders may know how to whip up a PHP script or a Drupal extension, create a mobile app for both the iPhone and Android, and run DOOM on their car's GPS. But there's a lot that their predecessors knew that today's programmers...

Decoding compliance certification icons

What software developers need to know about product safety and other hardware compliance certifications.

Computer de-evolution: Features that lost the evolutionary war

Today's tools may be more powerful, but many lack some useful features of their forebears. In the world before popular and simple displaced complex and useful there were such things as clicky keyboards with programmable function keys,...

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