Dan Blacharski

Top technology predictions for 2013, part one

Crowdfunding, home entertainment, and the cloud lead our predictions for tech innovations for the coming year.

How crappy should your product be?

Lean software movement delivers high quality, in steps.

Product launch strategies are departing from the mainstream

How did Apple drive the iPhone’s success?

Closing the consumption gap: Making use of the features you have

Doing network management with a social media interface

Apple's tenuous claim against Samsung isn't good for the industry

Apple's grudge against Android may end up backfiring

The next generation of mobile apps gets personal

The mobile app market is about to explode (even more) with more personalized, context-sensitive apps

It's about time for a new type of office desk phone

Is your desk phone smarter than your mobile phone? Probably not.

The third leg of the cloud

What we think of as the "cloud" is actually three distinct components: software, infrastructure, and platform as a service. The first two have entered the mainstream. Platform as a service is the least understood, but the most...

Big IT providers look to micro-SMBs for growth opportunities

Is it a good time to be a small businessperson? The answer is, "Yes." Here's why.

How I Got Here: Guy Peri, Director, Business Intelligence, Procter & Gamble Company Global Business Services

This interview is part of ITworld's regular "How I Got Here" series which focuses on the career path of successful IT professionals.Guy Peri is a member of Pathways, which is a proven leadership development program, designed to...

How I Got Here: Nicole Nitowski, Senior Director, Association of American Medical Colleges

Nicole Nitowski, Senior Director of the Project Management Office at the Association of American Medical Colleges has never let anything stand in her way. Leveraging the CIO Executive Council's Pathways program, she was able to become...

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