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Craig J. Mathias is a principal with Farpoint Group, an advisory firm specializing in wireless networking and mobile computing. Founded in 1991, Farpoint Group works with technology developers, manufacturers, carriers and operators, enterprises, and the financial community. Craig is an internationally-recognized industry and technology analyst, consultant, conference speaker, author, columnist, and blogger. He regularly writes for Network World,, and TechTarget. Craig holds an Sc.B. degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and is a member of the Society of Sigma Xi and the IEEE.

Testers pick their favorite products

Our testers point out why they made their picks of favorite products they tested in 2009.

Wi-Fi eyes global domination

If your reaction to last week's ratification of the 802.11n standard for Wi-Fi at 100Mbps and beyond was a loud yawn or a "what took them so long," you'd certainly have some justification.[ Test of 802.11n access pointsIEEE approves...

Wi-Fi eyes global domination

If your reaction to last week's ratification of the 802.11n standard was a loud yawn or a "what took them so long," you'd certainly have some justification.

Opinion: Mobile applications and the future of IT

Were not yet at the point where applications can move freely between the wired and wireless domains. But there is significant progress to report in moving toward this goal, Craig Mathias says.

Wireless computing power-saving measures may not be worth the effort

One of the challenges in mobile computing is battery life. It's hard to be productive with a dead battery, so IT personnel and users alike need to think about maximizing run time between charges. Optimizing the power...

Femtocells: Why small cells are a big idea

There's a lot of talk in wireless circles these days about femtocells. Columnist Craig Mathias says there's a good reason for that.

Why reports of muni Wi-Fi's death are exaggerated

Farpoint Group – Municipal Wi-Fi has entered a new and unpleasant phase. Despite reports to the contrary, however, metro-scale Wi-Fi is not dead.True, it's a little shaken and wounded, but it will come back stronger than ever. And...

Opinion: Why reports of muni Wi-Fi's death are greatly exaggerated

While the news about municipal Wi-Fi has been grim lately, columnist Craig Mathias describes why he thinks it will inevitably succeed.

Opinion: There's no such thing as free metro Wi-Fi

Free wireless access is enticing, but, in the real world, nothing is free, columnist Craig Mathias notes. However, municipalities still take steps to make wireless broadband widely available, he says.

Low and slow: The other side of wireless

Wireless broadband isn't the only wireless game in town. Columnist Craig Mathias describes a slew of short-range but very important types of wireless that are starting to become widely used.

Opinion: Deploy 802.11n sooner rather than later

It will be more than a year before the 802.11n wireless LAN standard is officially ratified, but columnist Craig Mathias claims that the time to deploy this new technology is now.

Making metro-scale Wi-Fi meshes fly

Wireless mesh networks are the way of the future, and technology is emerging that solves some of the problems that can arise with such networks, according to columnist Craig Mathias.

Minimizing wireless interference

Farpoint Group – It's nice to be back on the pages of, and it suddenly occurs to me that it's been a while. Indeed, I've been pretty tied up with projects, and I've just finished a very large exploration into...

Honesty: A new type of tech marketing

The time has come for technology marketers to be more honest in how they present their products, columnist Craig Mathias maintains.

Why mobile operating systems could fade away

Mobile operating systems, as we currently know them, may well become irrelevant, columnist Criag Mathias maintains.

Testing "draft N compliant" wireless LANs

Farpoint Group – Well, that was quick. Just when I'd signed off from writing monthly columns, I recently completed a project that I thought you would find interesting, so here's a new column on the results of our first testing of...

The Oqo: Please, can I have one, please?

Farpoint Group – I'm a gadget freak. I love electrical, electronic, and mechanical toys. I used to take clocks and other expensive objects apart when I was little, and the put them back together. I became an engineer at least...

Only mobile matters

Farpoint Group – I am sometimes accused of being either overly optimistic or overly pessimistic in my various observations and predictions on wireless. Such is the lot of the analyst; it's our job to figure out what technologies,...

Rethinking the repeater

Farpoint Group – One of the key challenges in wireless is range. While limiting range is often desirable so that spectrum can be re-used over a given distance, sometimes you just want and need more. A good example is in residential...

Lessons from failure

Farpoint Group – I want to begin this piece, especially in light of the title above, on a positive note - indeed, I think everything below is positive if read in the proper light. Regardless, failure is often a critical element in...

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