Christine Burns

Director, Network World Test Alliance

Microsoft delivers missing Lync for telemed project

As Microsoft works to convince corporate IT that the underlying VoIP technology in its Lync unified communications platform has the chops to support the slew of applications the Redmond giant has built on top of it, there's no...

The cloud services explosion

If you follow cloud computing, you're no doubt familiar with software-as a service, typically associated with, or infrastructure as a service, which was pioneered by But how about CaaS, SECaaS, DaaS, MaaS...

Hendrickson keeps on truckin' with UCaaS

Post-deployment, CIO Rick Johnson feels he's got plenty of solid data with which he can convince upper management to open up the company's other business processes to the cloud.

What's wrong with SaaS?

The software as a service market is still in a state of flux and before SaaS can reach its full potential, service providers must overcome integration, customization and brokerage issues. Insider (registration required)

Taking SaaS to the next level

Software as a service has some wildly successful poster boys such as, Google Apps, NetSuite, Workday, ADP and Concur. Every new independent software vendor is developing for the SaaS market. And for the established...

SaaS and ASCAP make beautiful music together

Over the years, our main mode of music consumption went from vinyl to 8-track tapes to CDs to iPods to services like Pandora and Spotify that can stream music to just about any device.

10 SaaS delivery companies to watch

Analysts and industry watchers agree that the next frontier for SaaS is setting distribution channels designed specifically for the cloud and providing mechanisms for managing multiple SaaS offerings from a single control point. These...

IaaS Case Study: Preferred Hotel Group prefers the cloud

If you've ever stayed at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York, the Chancery Court Hotel in London or the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, then the Preferred Hotel Group handled your reservation, delivered technology-driven...

10 most powerful IaaS companies

We assembled this list with help from analysts at Cloud Technology Partners, Current Analysis, Enterprise Strategy Group, Gartner, IDC and Neovise who watch the public cloud Infrastructure as a Service scene very closely. Each was...

OpenStack unlocks IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-service is gaining traction in the enterprise with customers lauding the flexibility that it delivers. However, there is still that nagging concern about vendor lock-in.

Don't be just a PaaS-erby

The PaaS-abilities are endless. Industry analysts are saying that now is the right time for developers to look to Platform-as-a-service as a viable option.

10 most powerful cloud companies

Virtually every vendor has a cloud story to tell. But here are 10 companies that have distinguished themselves as the leaders in cloud computing.

Cloud computing disrupts the vendor landscape

If you think cloud computing is a disruptive force within the enterprise, just imagine what the cloud is doing to the vendor landscape.

Citrix targets virtualization, orchestration layers

Were they guilty of "cloudwashing" - slapping the cloud label on existing products? Were they ignoring the cloud and risking getting left in the dust? Were they scrambling to re-invent themselves as cloud service providers?

Juniper offers fabric for high-performance clouds

Juniper has a three-pronged cloud strategy that includes selling networking gear in the data centers of most major IaaS players, providing secure connections between virtual data centers and cloud customers, and orchestrating how...

Cloud security: Mission impossible

But steady progress is being made to address security concerns of enterprise IT.

Experts explain greatest threats to cloud security

Cloud security threats come in all shapes and sizes, so we asked eight experts to weigh in on what they see as the top threat to cloud security. The answers run the gamut, but in all cases, our cloud security panelists believe that...

5 cloud security companies to watch

Security is one of the major impediments to enterprises moving their resources into the cloud. So, it's not surprising that numerous cloud security companies are springing up, attempting to address specific cloud security issues, like...

4 essential cloud security tips

More and more enterprise IT shops - as they get comfortable with virtualization practices in their own private clouds - are considering a jump to the public cloud. But before making that leap, consider these pieces of advice from...

8 ways to become a cloud security expert

Information about how to securely navigate in the public clouds is, well, cloudy. We asked enterprise IT folks and IT consultants what resources they turned to get educated on this particular topic. The responses can loosely be broken...

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